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Internet Explorer Navigation Problem

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I have this very unusual problem.


I am unable to navigate this site using Internet Explorer. I can not pass this page http://montufarcpa.com/Espanol/Intro_es.html. If you hover over the buttons, there appear to be no hyperlinks attach to them. I have tested it in other computers and the same problems appears


But if I use Netscape, there is no problem at all, all links show up and can navigate all pages of the site.


Is this a problem with the my Internet Explorer version? Some type of security or configuration problem? I am useing IE 6.0.28


Thanks for your assistance



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Is there a way to get 6.0.29 with out updating to Service Pack 2 ?

In theory there should be no problem with the version I am using.

What do you think might be the problem ? Perhaps something with the Java applet ?


Another thing I found out. If you access directly any of the other pages of the site, you can navigate without problems. The hyperlinks work fine back and forth . Those pages also contain Java applets.


It appears that the problem is with one page only. I have reloaded the entire site several times and the problem persists. Can it be that there is something wrong in the configuration (parameters) of this single page ?


I have ran out of theories or solutions.


Thanks for taking the time in helping me out



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