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  1. Hi: I am planning on sending a newsletter to my clients. It is document written in Word and saved in html format. The sad thing is that I do not have the most remote idea on how to use the mailing list in cpanel. I have created a group mailing list, but I do not know what to do next. How do I send the newsletter ? Where do I upload it ? Can some one please explain me the steps needed to accomplish this task ? How can I send the document so that it opens up when the recipient open its ? Is there a tutorial that can explain me this at lenght ? Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks Oso
  2. Sorry for not replying earlier, but I was waiting reply from a couple of friends who are testing also. They say that they have not found any problems with the buttons while using IE. I have disabled the firewall and nothing in that page works. The wierd thing is that the hover buttons in other pages do work fine. Why do they work in this one and not in the other ? I think that the only logical explanation is that there is some setting or parameter that is causing the conflict between my browser and the webpage. I am going to copy one of the working buttons into this page to see if they work. It looks like you and me are the only ones experiencing this problem. Osog
  3. Coming to think about it, the previous day before the problems started, a heavy rainfall fell in the city. No direct lighting hits. Could it be static electricity ? My UPS has a surge protector. Obviously it did not do its job. Two broken WIFi routers in a year. Humidity, Panama has about the same climate as Puerto Rico. What do you recommend for protecting this type of devise ? I used a Tripplite UPS & surge protector, but apparently that was not enough. This items are very sensitive for what it appears.
  4. The problem appears to be with http://montufarcpa.com/Espanol/Intro_es.html page only. Even if I click each hover button it does not activate the hyperlink, the colors change but thats it. The amazing thing is that every other page in my site that contains hover buttons for example http://montufarcpa.com/Espanol/servicios.htm work fine using IE. This is starting to get frustrating. There has to be something wrong in the main menu page http://montufarcpa.com/Espanol/Intro_es.html. Can someone confirm me that the hover buttons in this specific page are working fine ? Could it be that some how I have deactivated or set some parameter wrong on that page? I am using IE version 6.0.2800.1106 Thanks to all for the time taken in helping me out. Osog
  5. I was expecting the terrible news. Who do you think is more reliable, D-link or Linksys WIFI routers ? What can cause this type of damage ? I have my router connected to a UPS so power surges should not be the problem. Returning the router is going to be a bit of a hassle because I live outside the USA. Thanks any ways for your suggestions. Osog
  6. I am experiencing a very peculiar problem with my d-link DI-634M router. The status and WLAN goes out after approximately 3 minutes of power cycling it. The problem started when I could no get connected to the internet, so I checked the router and the status and WLAN lights were off, I reseted the router and nothing happened, so I power cycled the router and the status and WLAN lights went on for about 3 minutes, after that they went off and were unable to connect to the internet. The LAN light continue to be on always. I have researched on the internet for this type of problem and no solution has been found or in the D-link site. I also tried to upgrade the firmware, but at the middle of the process the screen goes out saying the devise is not connected and when reentering the router setup screen I still have the old firmware. Any ideas of what might be happening. This is the second time I have problems with D-link router, my last one a DU624 just quit without any reason. Osog
  7. Thanks for the advise. The solution that I have found on the internet using image rollover are over my head since they require coding and I am not good at that. There has to be maybe some sort of software solution to this problem from within IE. Can it be that I am not configuring or setting up the pages properly ? Should I reset server extentions ? It is almost illogical for IE not to read a page created in Frontpage 2000 and in Netscape yes. Are there any web utilities that can pinpoint the cause of troubles ? Should I change web development software ? Osog
  8. I am experiencing a very peculiar problem with Internet Explorer (latest edition) and Netscape 7.2. My website in designed in Frontpage 2000, when uploaded all links and applets work fine when viewed using Netscape. But when I navigate using IE, none of the hover buttons work or the links. The page load normaly, but can not active the hyperlinks or buttons. What can be wrong here ? Why does my website work with one browser and not with the other ? I am not an experienced web designer, so please take this into consideration when explaning a possible solution. My website is www.montufarcpa.com. The english section of the site is not working yet, you will have to enter the spanish site, but the problem is evident from the first page Any help will we greatly appreciated. Thanks Osog
  9. I will like to know if there is a way to activate and deactivate an autoresponder message within a selected period automaticaly. My intentions are to send an autoresponder message from Feb 1 to Feb 5 and stop sending it on Feb 6 with out me having to remember to delete it. Another issue. Can you add graphics to an autoresponder message ? Thanks for any ideas you can give about this subject. Osog
  10. Is there a way to get 6.0.29 with out updating to Service Pack 2 ? In theory there should be no problem with the version I am using. What do you think might be the problem ? Perhaps something with the Java applet ? Another thing I found out. If you access directly any of the other pages of the site, you can navigate without problems. The hyperlinks work fine back and forth . Those pages also contain Java applets. It appears that the problem is with one page only. I have reloaded the entire site several times and the problem persists. Can it be that there is something wrong in the configuration (parameters) of this single page ? I have ran out of theories or solutions. Thanks for taking the time in helping me out Osog
  11. I have this very unusual problem. I am unable to navigate this site using Internet Explorer. I can not pass this page http://montufarcpa.com/Espanol/Intro_es.html. If you hover over the buttons, there appear to be no hyperlinks attach to them. I have tested it in other computers and the same problems appears But if I use Netscape, there is no problem at all, all links show up and can navigate all pages of the site. Is this a problem with the my Internet Explorer version? Some type of security or configuration problem? I am useing IE 6.0.28 Thanks for your assistance Osog
  12. Quick update on this problem. Just as mysteriously as the problem occured for the first time, it went away. Without me changing any setting. Any theories on what might had ocurred ? Thanks to all for your guidance. Oso G.
  13. That precisely is the problem, I type www.mysite.com and the error message replies back Server error: Cannot open"www.mysite.com.conf" no such file or folder. Who or what is adding the .conf ending to the url address ? Any ideas ? Is there something in Frontpage that might be adding this ending ? Should I reset the Frontpage exensions for my website ? Oso G.
  14. While using Frontpage 2000 and trying to publish to the web updates to my site, I keep getting this message: Server error: Cannot open"www.mysite.com.conf" no such file or folder. I do not know what to do, this has never happend before and don´t understand what the message error means. It seems to be looking for a file called www.mysite.com.conf in the server. I have carefully typed and rechecked the spelling that I enter in the upload window and I keep getting the same error message. In the space that says: Specify the location to publish your web to:, I carefully write www.mysite.com Any ideas on what might be happening ? Thanks Oso G.
  15. I am not a computer expert, so this comment might sound ridiculous to many, but can emails be redirected to some other server were they could be access maybe by webmail ? I can live without our website offline for a couple of hours, even a day , but not without emails. Emails are our primary method of communication with our clients. I understand that the tech department is doing everything they can to solve this problems and we appreciate their effort, specially in keeping us up to date in the situation. This really makes a difference with TCH. Oso G.
  16. What happens to the emails that are not received because the server is down ? Do they keep "bouncing" back until they are accepted ? Is there a way for the sender to know that I have not received his email ? I am worried that the sender might think that I have received his message and delaying in answering him. Thanks Oso G.
  17. Thanks everyone for the help. You were right, the problem was with the naming of the directory. I had it in capital S in my computer. I changed the name, uploaded it and everything is working fine. Oso
  18. I designed a page with Frontpage 200 using pictures as navigation buttoms. While working offline in Frontpage they appear on screen perfectly and can be used to navigate as designed. But when I upload the page to the server, only place holders with an X appear in the screen were the buttons should appear. The place holders can be used to navigate. The addres of the problem page is: http://montufarcpa.com/Espanol/intro_calendario.htm Any idea of what might be wrong ? Thanks for the help
  19. I am having problems trying to setup Netscape mail client to send and receive encrypted mail. Basically I do not know how to do it. I have created my public and private key in cpanel but have not found a way to import them into Netscape. Netscape has an option to manage certificates, but it asks for the importation of a PKCS12 file. I have looked all over this site and have not found a tutorial in this subject. I will appreciate if someone could please tell me how to do this or were to find the steps needed to achive it using Netscape. I have found some tutorials in other sites about this subject, but they aproach it from a command line perspective. Thanks in advance for your help. Eddy
  20. I am having problems trying to send an autoresponder when someone sends in a reply form. I have created the autoresponder message and linked it to the email were the form is to be sent. The form´s content is sent properly to me, but the autoresponse message is not sent to the intended recepient. I have found that the autoresponse message is being received at Webmail, but no other place. I am using FP 2000. Any insight into this problem will be greatly appreciated. Oso
  21. What web design program would you suggest ? I have no knowledge of HTML code or interested in hard coding. I leave that to the pros. You have a point there, MS is not interested in making a program suitable to their competitors advantage. I use Frontpage 2000 not out of love for MS, but because it is easy to use for a beginner like me.
  22. I am having some trouble viewing my pages created in FrontPage 2000 with Netscape. When I view them online with Internet Explorer, everything is fine, align as intended. But when I use Netscape, almost all separator lines are off, column headers do not align properly, huge spaces appear between paragraphs and several other misalignments occurs. Could some one please give me some pointers on how to properly format for Netscape ? I have being using tables to place text and graphics. I am a total newbie in this endeavors of creating web pages, that means that I do not have the slightest idea on how to code in HTML. My website is: www.montufarcpa.com. At the moment it is all in spanish, but if you follow the links you will see what I mean immediately. Thanks in advance for the help Oso
  23. www.howstuffworks.com Interesting place to find out how allmost everything works.
  24. At last my site is online The problem probably was that in Frontpage the name of one subdirectory was \Servicios and certain graphics somehow pointed to \servicios. What I did was to change every directory to small letters and magically the problem was solved, at least that is what I think to be the explanation. I have a long road ahead to reach the look and feel I will like for my site. There are things that from a users standpoint of view seems easy to do, but when you try to program them are hard. Among them the use of php to make pull down menus. Before I got into this I tough it was a simple cut and paste script on your page. Now I know otherwise. But that is the fun of this project, to explore and learn. What I am really thankful for is the great support and help that TCH forum members have given me. Without their insight I will probably be still entangled in the same place. Thank you all. Oso
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