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My Experience With Total Choice Hosting

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It is about 1 or 2 years that I am using TCH. As I have told somewhere in the forum, a friend reccomended TCH. So I have two sites hosted there: one my own private and the other ruled with my friends.

There have been almost no problems with my personal site - everything was - and still is - going fine, almost no problems with any part of the page.

The second one had instant problems with database and it is still my headache. I think support department blamed me for creating lots of help tickets, but I had noting to do. Only one time I made a false alarm - I thought my forum has been hacked as it seemed to be gone. Only later did the forum resurrect so I wrote that there is no need in restoring it from the backup. ;)

Support at TCH seems to be great as they always responded very quickly and their web-chat is great too, also sometimes it is difficult to get there: too many customers want to talk about their problems.

I don't know what I am going to do with my other site (run with friends of mine), but mu personal is going to stay as long as it shall live.

TCH forum is professional, there I can get more help than in the other forums.

The only problem with TCH was in WHT where I mentioned (too much?) that it is a good hosting and therefore obtained a warning from local admin for "self-advertising". i think I am becoming an owner of TCH... :huh:

In other words my experience with TCH is very good so far and I wish TCH to keepgoing this way.

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