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What To Do Prior To Outsourcing To A Seo 3rd Party


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I am learning tons about optimization on my website.

I am still building some of the sections and get new ideas

all the time. There is still a time to stop and do major traffic.


What needs to be done before a reliable SEO System can do any good?


I have a site map, and taken precautionary methods for securing certain files in my domain.


What else ought I to do?


I know all of them cannot be listed, but I am open to just a few

suggestions to help me cover my basic bases.





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I would say that the single best thing you can do to get a start on SEO is to have your information arranged so one complete topic is together. If you have a topic spread over 50 pages then you can't hope to do well. If it is on 3 concise pages about mostly just that topic then you got a good start.


The other thing is to have a lot of content written up before talking to an expert/agency. If you come and say "I want this optimized" and there is no meat to the site then they'll just shake their heads and say "Uh, right." However, if you have a lot of content organized into groups then they have something to work with.


That's my 2 cents worth and without seeing your site so don't think I'm implying that you are or are not doing any of these things :lol:

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