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  1. I do not use Chrome, and never will. Thanks for your suggestions. I just am fading away from Firefox, and using other browsers who have more depth.
  2. Hello. BTW, how do I check for "corrupted DNS cache at the ISP"? You may have described it, but it went right over my head. Maybe I could learn something here. Thanks, queenpictoria
  3. Hello Again, It's been a few weeks and I just wanted to report to you that "Nginx!! 404 Not Found" is creeping up on almost everything I do. 1) On YouTube Movies I am watching. 2) On Ebay auctions when I am trying to bid. 3) on various websites, on craigslist, on links. 4) I even see them in the columns on some pages where there are supposed to be ads. This does not seem like a POP3 server. It is more like a blocking. I could understand if perhaps the website is at a time where there are lots of people trying to look at it. But these are just not examples that line up with those conditions. I end up leaving Firefox and going to IE which I do not like. I even see the "Nginx!! blank page once in a while on IE. It almost looks deliberate. I cannot say that for sure, but I have no reason to be blocked so much. If Ngnix! is calling itself "a lightweight, high-performance Web server/reverse proxy and e-mail (IMAP/POP3) proxy, that is used mainly for load balancing on a cluster of servers" it sure doesn't look like that to me. It doesn't just hit on invalid pages. It hits either randomly or arbitrarily on any page it finds itself. Frankly it is a giant pain. I really hate to give up Firefox. I really do, but I will if necessary. Thanks for listening.
  4. Dear Sir, I have tried several times to submit a trouble ticket, and it gets kicked back saying there is an error and to try again. I am trying to report that my email is gone out of my "Inbox" at "xxxxx". There are only 6 new emails in the box that arrived overnight. Please let me know what is going on. Those emails were business communication, and were important. I imagine they are gone. Is that true? Thank you, queenpictoria
  5. Hello. My antivirus (AVAST) runs and updates everytime I turn on my computer. I will run my Malware (Malwarebytes and Spybot). What can I do about my ISP? Any direction would be appreciated. Regards, queenpictoria
  6. Greetings.. I appreciate your concern. For example, I went to http://www.drudgereport.com yesterday, and got the "Welcome to Nginx!" page. It stayed there for a while. I was able to access other webpages, and I am absolutely sure that Drudgereport is a real website. This happens "randomly" when I am on the web. I am convinced it is not my server. It is something else. I guess we'll all know in due time. Thanks.
  7. Hello Sir, No, I am speaking of my own personal computer at home. It is intermittent, and not consistent all the time. It just happens at the most unexpected time. Thanks.
  8. Thank you for the information. I notice that it can happen on just about any web page: "Welcome to Nginx!" If I wait awhile and go back the web page comes up as usual. It is not happening on invalid pages only. It happens to real, valid web sites. I appreciate your insight. Best, queenpictoria
  9. Hello. What is "nginx"? Does anyone know? "404 page not found" "Welcome to nginx!!!" This page blocks web pages I am looking for. What is this? Should I start to become paranoid that our internet is being overtaken? Sounds silly. This page comes up randomly on different sites. I do not believe it is my computer because it is not consistent enough. But maybe it is. Any insight on this would be much appreciated. Thanks, queenpictoria
  10. Hello. I have been a victim of a scam and am trying to see how to send my emails to the proper agencies with the whole hidden header intact. I tried forwarding one of my received emails to myself, and the "Full Header" had changed. Does anyone know how I could forward the emails and maintain the original "Full Header" information. Thanks, queenpictoria
  11. Hello. I have looked, and cannot find where I program my webmail to keep the emails after I have downloaded them to my email client. How do I make sure the emails will not be removed when they are downloaded. thanks, queenpictoria
  12. Hello. I am doing research on how to best serve my client. We want to be able to upload video clips (ranging from :30 seconds to 30 minutes), and allow others to view them. I know this is a tall order, but we are making the approach anyway. The people involved are video artists and I want the quality to be the best possible, and we realize the pricing may be sky-high. I have had some very good input suggesting Flash or Quicktime as options for software. Since this is a pioneering venture, we are not going to be able to make a big plunge unless it pays for itself. However, we realize we it will not be anywhere near free. Good value is the best way to start. What are the advantages of Flash, Quicktime, or any other software you may know. We now realize we are looking at 1MB to 2MB/second. We would like to make them "full screen" capable. Any input (good or bad) would be greatly appreciated. Regards, queenpictoria
  13. Hi Bill, I know you were responding to the forum member, but I was wondering if I could also contact you regarding video hosting. We are looking to use lots of transfer and would be very interested in what you have to offer. Regards, queenpictoria
  14. Hi jmclaren, What is the name of the FAQ? queenpictoria
  15. Hi, I have just downloaded Zen Cart's Add-on for FedEx's Shipping Module v1.3.7. I am still looking for how to install this software add-on and have come up dry. It is my tendency to just try and do it, but I usually mess it up and I have already put many hours into configuring this shopping cart. Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction? I already have it downloaded and in a file on my C:\Zen Cart\ drive. Your help is much appreciated. Regards, queenpictoria
  16. Hello. I am setting up my shipping configurations inside the Zen Cart for my website. If I want to use third-party sites to acquire realtime shipping quotes, I need to specify certain proxy settings in order for the "cURL" to work properly. First of all, I am not real clear what "cURL" is, but I am willing to learn. But the most important thing I need to know is the proper proxy settings, and this is what they ask: ====================================== Zen Cart asks for the below information: cURL Proxy Address Please make any necessary changes Here they give an example: cURL Proxy Address If you have GoDaddy hosting or other hosting services that require use of a proxy to talk to external sites via cURL, enter their proxy address here. format: address:port ie: for GoDaddy, enter: proxy.shr.secureserver.net:3128 or possibly ====================================== What is the correct proxy address for Total Choice Hosting? If you need more specifics in order to answer this, please advise. Thanks much, queenpictoria
  17. Hi stevesh, It is an interesting idea. I guess it is much as I do with my photos I edit and upload. If they are already in my computer I can just correct them and upload them FTP and replace the one on the domain. I wonder if it is better to upload an empty Zen Cart onto my hard drive to use for editing, or wait until it is configured on the domain and then transfer a copy over to my computer via FTP. Any ideas? queenpictoria
  18. Thank you Thomas. Perhaps in the future I will advance to test scripts and upload them to the Zen Cart. --- Regards, qp
  19. Hi, I am setting up a Zen Cart and am being instructed to run Apache. Apache is a PHP program but I am not sure if I need it. I have Total Choice Hosting as my server. Isn't that what they mean when they say, "find a web server to host your application"? I do not plan to install Zen Cart on my computer for use there. Don't I want my shopping cart to be a "server-side application"? Why would anyone want to install a web-based application on a local computer? Ignorance is humbling but I am learning. Thanks very much. qp
  20. Thank you stevesh. I am discovering that according to two supervisors at Paypal (I always get more than one view) the buyer is transferred to Paypal before entering their information so it is secure without SSL. I appreciate your information about Google. I am newer to Google and will check it out closer. Best, queenpictoria
  21. Dick, Thank you for your response. I will check with Paypal and Google. I believe the transactions happen inside the actual accounts online. I will let you know what I find out. Regards, queenpictoria
  22. Hello. I am setting up Zen Cart and am getting very little feedback from the Zen Cart Forum. I am glad you folks are here. My question is in regards to SSL on my Zen Cart Configuration: If I am not using a special credit card system, but am using Paypal and Google instead, do I need SSL on my website? Both Paypal and Google have very strict restrictions on security and seem to be enough. Thanks, queenpictoria
  23. Hello TCH-Dick, Thank you very much for your help. Regards, queenpictoria
  24. Hello. I have a few questions regarding SSL and my shopping cart: Question 1: I need to disconnect the privacy on my domain before SSL can be installed. Is this done through Domains By Proxy? Question 2: What does the SSL Logo look like? Question 3: What does it secure? Question 4: Is it possible to have the logo on the website as well on each page of the shopping cart? -------------------------------------------------- I know these may seem like goofy questions. I read a tutorial on SSL and had difficult absorbing it the first time. I have a deadline on the cart and was wondering if someone had answers to these questions. Any clarification would be great, even if it answers only one question. Regards, queenpictoria
  25. Bruce, I do not know how to read it. I'll just uninstall it. No more. Thanks.
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