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Does anyone here have any suggestions for a easy to use online website editing program that will run here on TCH servers. I have a family friend that has a website and I have been making the changes to the website for them but I am trying to get out of being a webmaster for them since my time has gotten limited now. So I am looking at something that is easy to use that they can edit about 10 or 15 pages thru thru a web browser with a WYSIWYG editor so they can edit the text on the pages, and if possiable something like the IMG tages of this software for placing the images in the coresponding places on the page.


I have been surfing around with google looking to find something but I have not found anything that really meets my needs, so I was hoping someone here would know of some software that I could use.

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I don't know much about it, but there is a wysiwyg editor in cpanel that is through the browser. It can only edit .html/htm files though. To use it go to the file manager, browse to the file you want to edit, then click the name. On the side to the right will be a list of options. One is "Edit HTML". Click that and it'll load the editor for you. :)


I am not sure what it's capable but it loaded my html page almost perfectly in the wysiwyg editor!


edit: This seems to be the site of that editor. Good thing TCH has it preinstalled for us! http://www.wysiwygpro.com/

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