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One More Php Book Recommendation


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This is my favorite book: PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Websites: Visual Quickpro Guide by Larry Ullman. It has a website with all the downloadable scripts for chapters, a list of errors made in the book that have been corrected, and forums which the author regularly answers to the reader's problems! It's for php 4 though. If you want php 5, there is a second version of it, but I just got the 4 version since I can't use 5 on my server. :group: They are only good if you want to start learning php, not expanding what you know though (but it is still good to read to hammer in several points). Link to the website: http://www.dmcinsights.com/phpmysql/


That book on slashdot looks very good! I definately know what it means when it says "The point is clear: with proper design, you can get away from the Giant If-Else Blocks of Doom and pave the way towards actually keeping up with your client's requests". hehe. I hate and love those giant blocks at the same time.

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Thanks Raul!


I used the Sams book "... in 24 hours" to start out and it is a very good start for the beginner. Being a pro-programmer it was a bit simple for me but sometimes that's a good thing. I'll have to check out Raul's suggestion as it seems a bit more "guts and glory" stuff. :)

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