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So, What's With The Forums?

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Dudes, I have been looking around on your forums lately for various tidbits of info I need to help me on my website(s). And I like do a search and find a bunch of related posts. But when I click on any of them to read the post, they like don't load and I eventaully get an error page. :(


Strange thing is, if I do a search via Google with the same search criteria, I'll find a hit for one of the same posts on TotalChoiceHosting forums, and I can like read it by going through Google. :blink: For example...




So, is this a problem in general with viewing posts on your forums, or is it related to viewing posts within a search results listing, or like what?? :rolleyes1:

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That is confusing. :rolleyes1:


I thought maybe there was an issue with your path from you to the forums, but you're able to read and post just fine.


Give an examle of the search term and a link from the search term and I'll give it a try. Others probably will too and it will determine if it is a problem with you or the forums.


One last guess I have is that you could be using an ISP that caches their pages, like AOL, and that could be messing things up.


Let us know!

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There is a bug in IPB when you search for multiple terms. It finds them OK, but provides a link (with the highlight for the several words you searched for) that IPB down not like.


IPB are aware of it, but as far as I'm aware, not fixed it yet.


I tend to click on the "last post" (on the right hand side to the items it finds) - and then it opens fine :rolleyes1:

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