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Can Spamassassin Actually Delete Spam?

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I figure this has been asked before, but I can't find it in the forums anywhere.


How can I make SpamAssassin actually delete the emails it catches? Or better yet, how can I make it forward those messages to a seperate email account so I can check them (while at the same time removing them from the target account).







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I'd like all this to be done at the server level. I added something to prefix SpamAssasin emails with !NHSPAMASN!. I know how to have those messages deleted, but is there a way to have them all moved to, for instance, spam@newhopecc.net? Again, all done at the server level so the pepole on newhopecc.net don't have to mess with it.







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The mail filters I found only let me block mail matching a subject - I can't redirect the

mail to another userid, which is what we need here.

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