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Hi, I use WordPress, and it's my index for my whole website and wish to know how I could add Google Adsense to the bottom of that website properly.


I'm interested in working with it and would be wondering if it's hard to do. It looked fairly simple.


If you need any more details, please just respond to this thread. I'm tired, so there's barely any detail as you may have noticied.

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Why not put the ads in some of that abundant and unused sidebar space, instead of hoping that a visitor will scroll alllll the way down to the bottom of the page to click on the ad? If you have repeat visitors, they aren't going to scroll past posts that they have already read, so they will never see the ads. Even if it's my first time visiting the site, the odds of me hitting the bottom of your site without getting sidetracked are very small.

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I put a small one in the top position on the right sidebar. Seems to work. And a banner on the top of singles, which means single post pages. Seems to work.


When I first started, I put some ads at the bottom of some pages. Many impressions, no clicks. Then I put the ads at the right of the same pages, and the clicks started to come.


Don't know how I'll end up in terms of income, but if it continues the way it seems now, it should more than cover hosting.

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