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Safe To Delete Fp Folders?

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Here is my personal observation: if the directory and files are not in your way, and they aren't taking up much disk space - then what's the harm in leaving it there?


I'm a firm believer in changing as little as necessary, especially when it comes to deleting things. I do a lot of work on Microsoft servers. Invariably I'll see someone post something like: "Hey, I don't want or need Microsoft's ISA 2000 on the server. Can I go ahead and delete it?". And my response is: if you don't want it, that's fine. But why delete it? A lot easier to simply disable the ISA service from running!


Anyhow, just my 2 cents worth!


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If you mean the "_vti_cnf" folders and so on, you should probably make sure you turn FrontPage support off before deleting them (I you decide to do so at all). Otherwise they may either not allow you to delete themselves, or they'll just re-create themselves automatically. The FrontPage extensions "auto-magically" (it's black magic, as far as I'm concerned!) create these folders and make notes for their own use about all of your files.


Personally, I always try to get rid of the buggers. If you have a lot of files and folders they do eventually eat up a not-insignificant amount of space, and just generally make navigation a pain. But Mr. Weilbacher has a point as well about leaving well enough alone.

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I have learnt from my own cost, that unless you desperately need the space, then leave things where they are because delete the wrong file (in my case a very important windows file which I thought does nothing) could mean diaster.


Remember to have a backup if you do!



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