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How To Protect Web Site From Hackers ?

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I know it's weird question but in last 2 weeks four Madonna fan sites were hacked (the last one www.madonnadrownedworld.com was hacked today ...)

Is there anyway to avoid them ???


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For anyone following this thread, I did a search on picking good passwords, because it's been said so many times there's no sense in doing it again, and found this page which is a great start toward totally secure passwords.


Note: There is no such thing as a totally secure password. Any password can be brute-forced given enough time. Security experts all know that "secure" means "my stuff is protected by a code that is harder to crack than the information inself is worth." If I want to keep my dog's birthday a secret from him then a blank password is enough. If I want to keep it secret from my mom then a common word and a number is enough. If I am in charge of protecting the launch codes for the entire US Nuclear arsenal then I'll need a team of math experts, crypto experts, armed soldiers, top of the line biometric scanners, etc.

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This is where a password keepers like AnyPassword

really shine, they allow you to generate random passwords of various lengths.

I like to use as many character as allowed since I don't have to remember them.

The data file is encrypted, and you only need one password to open it.

It saves the user, password and a clickable link plus a note space.

This way I don't have to add secure sites to my browsers favs.

I also back up the program in zip form and data files to a removable memory stick.

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