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Personal Multi-domain Plans


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I currently have three domains and up until a month or so ago three hosting packages. Two with TCH and one with another company. The one at the other company was really just a static page that gave my contact details. I paid $6 a year for 10Mb storage and 1Gb monthly transfer (Plus a few other normal things; email etc.). I recently moved all my packages onto my main TCH account and redirected the domains to the public_html folder. What I really would like to do is have three suddomains and each domain point to their respective folder. Now I know I can't do that without purchasing a Resellers Account but the jump in price is just too much for personal non-profit sites. I found a host that for $100 a year allows you 1.5Gb storage, 35Gb monthly bandwidth and 30 domains (Plus the usual other stuff; Cpanel, Mysql, php etc etc).


With that in mind I would like TCH to consider a proposal and also hear what other TCH users think of the idea.


A personal Multi-Domain account.

The ability for users to have a limited (3 or 4) doamins on one account. The domains must not be for commercial use (maybe Non-profit?) and would simply share the storage and bandwidth. My prefered option would be something similar to the above structure, but I'm sure Bill et all would sit down and do the math.


My argument is this: I simply can't justify spending $55 a year on a site that will only use 15Mb of storage and have less than a 1Gb of bandwidth per YEAR. The Silver plan offers great value but not if you only use a very small fraction of it. I fully understand the need to have special resellers account but what about people who don't actually resell their space, why not have something just for personal use?



So, there you have it. What do you think?

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We have no plans to offfer multi-domain hosting on virtual accounts.


This has been brought up time and time again.


Use the search function to find other such questions.


There are reasons behind our server stability. :unsure:


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