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How To Access My Web Log Files Via Http?


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Hi All,


I downloaded a standalone web log analyzer application (web log storming) which can access my web logs on the server via ftp or http. What is the address I have to plug into my analyzer to access these logs?


Is it www.****:2082/getaccesslog ???? or something else


I couldnt find this info anywhere in support, is it in some faq that I've missed?




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i have the same need. i want to use the free "smarterstats" application to analyze my stats.... but i need to be able to log in via FTP to a directory to access my logs.


where do my site logs exist? what directory path to FTP to them?


going into cpanel of course i can click the specific ftp log links... but that doesn't help me with my need to set up "smarterstats" with the FTP path, login, and username to connect to my log directory and read them.


what to do?

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Holiday Greetings,


I downloaded the raw log .zip file and then I unzipped it.


When I try to open the rawlog.com file, I get a message that says I don't have enough conventional memory to open the file.


Is there an alternate way to get at the raw log files besides through DOS?


Thanks :)

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When I unzip the file it has an MS DOS application extension of ".com"


The name of the file is ****


Dummy me. In this case .com is for .com in ****


After unzipping, if you click on it, a DOS Box jumps up and trys to open it.


I changed the extension to .txt and it opens with Notepad.


I hope you see where I was thrown off.



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