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  1. i have the same need. i want to use the free "smarterstats" application to analyze my stats.... but i need to be able to log in via FTP to a directory to access my logs. where do my site logs exist? what directory path to FTP to them? going into cpanel of course i can click the specific ftp log links... but that doesn't help me with my need to set up "smarterstats" with the FTP path, login, and username to connect to my log directory and read them. what to do?
  2. never mind!! i figured it out... i used mysql administrator and after a few trials and a few errors got everything working great.
  3. hello, i am running pmachine (free version) and i am transferring from another domain. i am a newbie to MySQL, and what i need to do is upload MySQL data from my old domain to my new MySQL database i just created. i have backed up the MySQL database at my old host into a .sql file on my harddrive. how can i now upload this .sql file into my current MySQL database here at totalchoicehosting??? i have created a new MySQL database using cpanel. i have a database name, username, password, etc... i just need to upload my old MySQL data into my new database. how? thanks!
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