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  1. I put in a simple billing request on Tuesday through the helpdesk, and it doesn't look like anyone has even read it yet.
  2. I guess you could change your computer clock to match the server
  3. Blogs are very popular, I have heard. However, I've never been involved with "blogging" before, and would like some information from people who use it. Basically, what is it? Why do you need it? What does it have to do with RSS newsfeeds? I'm worried that I may be missing out on something I can't live without!
  4. You are trying to open it with a DOS program? If so, that is why you get the memory error. Try using a windows program, like TextPad or something. Notepad probably won't format it correctly (PC versus UNIX)
  5. Click on this link: It does nothing for me (times out). http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...hl=ftp,and,logs
  6. Sometimes I get this error too: IPB WARNING [2] mysql_connect(): Lost connection to MySQL server during query (Line: 120 of /ips_kernel/class_db_mysql.php) There appears to be an error with the database.
  7. I can not access this link (among others). It came from the TCH forums search results page: h**p://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=11025&hl=ftp,and,logs If I take the "&hl=ftp,and,logs" off the end, it works. Otherwise, I get this error: Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/total/public_html/forums/sources/topics.php on line 814
  8. >ftp://ftp.******/****** username: USERNAME_logs Notice that username has _logs after it. You probably won't be able to see any files listed there, but you need the file called "******"
  9. Why don't you install Horde yourself to your own account? Then you can completely control exactly how it works!!!
  10. World-writable (777) is not nearly as bad as it seems. First, it is not writable by anyone in the world, just from people on the same server as you. Second, your account probably has a open_basedir restriction in effect for php which means that only your account can access your files, even if they are world readable. Yes, the web-server is in a different group than you. So, you must stay with 777, but like I said earlier, that is still fairly secure.
  11. If the "skimming" program is coded properly itself, it will look just like a regular website visitor. There would be no way to tell the difference. The best thing to do is not put any email addresses on your website. Use forms instead.
  12. Thank you for that link. I went through the entire article and found it very useful.
  13. Are you talking about a program that completely downloads a website for offline viewing like BlackWidow? There is nothing you can do that I know of to stop it or even detect it, but the program can only download the server output, not your php pages themselves. A lot of people use this type of program to batch download pictures and such.
  14. millenium is only 9 letters... but yes, that is a subject we should all be concerned about.
  15. Well, now that I have been here for a year, maybe I should be using larger words anyway. Today's word is: pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolanoconiosis which is a type of lung disease caused by breathing silica dust.
  16. I tried to search in thees forums, and it keeps giving me an error that my search terms are below 10 LETTERS!!! Being a normal person, I don't really know any words that long to search for...
  17. If you are blocking out more than half of that list, then instead you could allow only from certain countries.
  18. I have never had spam box enabled. I have a filter to discard all mail caught by spam assassin, but I turned off spam assassin a couple of the times I registered.
  19. I looked through the news and could not find anything about it. Perhaps your friends single account was broken into or something.
  20. That's an old post. Anyway, is php5 completely backward compatible with php4? I wouldn't want to have to rewrite anything. Or, better yet, can php4 and php5 be run at the same time?
  21. No, it would not require shell access to run, just a regular cgi script. You can see that the user is actually running the commands without shell access, the problem is the error that it is returning. About the error: Actually, the ping error can be fixed by editing a config file (usually the vserver .conf file) Search CAP_NET_RAW for your own personal satisfaction and entertainment if you want. However, access to raw ICMP sockets is disabled for security reasons on many shared servers. I am sure that is the reason here. Anyway, what error are you getting when you actually try to connect (not the ping error).
  22. Bill, what are your thoughts on the free and popular phpBB???
  23. Thanks for the clarification, Bruce.
  24. It is very secure especially if your passwords are good passwords (mixture of letters and numbers, at least 8 characters long).
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