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  1. Greetings, Many times I try to check email with SquirrelMail and it is slow to respond or will not connect. This started two weeks ago. What is wrong with SquirrelMail? Thanks
  2. Greets, I use my domain webmail provided by my TCH hosting account... Squirrel Mail. Any time I respond to a craigslist ad using the craigslist posted email forward at the top of the craigslist page, the email bounces immediately with a "rejected" error. This started not too long ago. Previously I sent emails with no trouble. Is this because my server is blacklisted by craigslist or is there some other issue? Thanks
  3. Greetings and Salutations, What is wrong with Squirrel Mail the past couple days? When I try to get login page with http://www.mysite.com/sqmail, I get warnings and errors. Thanks Much!
  4. Thanks Bruce, The other two Email programs work, Horde and the other one I forgot the name. When I click the links in cPanel, two work and Squirrel Mail doesn't work. Squirrel mail quit working a few days ago.
  5. Hi, What happened to Squirrel Mail? I get this message when I try to log in to my web mail: The server was not able to find the document (./3rdparty/squirrelmail/index.php) you requested. Please check the url and try again. You might also want to report this error to your webhost. Thanks
  6. Doh! I have two separate accounts for two domains. I found the other account which I thought was lost. Sorry, my bad!
  7. Greetings, When I log in to "manage domains" one of my domains is not listed. I have two registered through domains by proxy with TCH. The one not showing expires in April 2008. How do I find the domain that isn't showing in the list? Thanks Much!
  8. Many Thanks Andy, I may have found a solution. If not I'll probably be back with a new domain.
  9. Many Thanks Andy, Sorry I didn't get back sooner. I bought the domain through TCH and had the site running on a TCH server. I changed from PHP to ASP.Net and that's why I had to move the site. Anyway, I still have the domain through TCH, I just renewed it as a matter of fact. In my "manage domain" panel, I have the nameservers set for the .Net host and not TCH. I'd now like to use a private server and I have a static IP address but don't know how to point the domain to the address? If I purchase a new domain name with TCH, can TCH point that domain to my IP so that I can access the site with the domain name instead of the IP address? Thanks Again.
  10. Howdy Folks, I have a domain name hosted with TCH. I currently have the domain pointed set for DNS servers on a Windows host. I'd like to point the domain to my own private server of which have a static IP address. I don't have a DNS, only a static IP. Is it possible I can forward my domain to my IP address from my TCH domain name control panel? If it's possible, can I use an address such as http://999999.888.888/ instead of www.myowndaomain.com Where would enter this address? Do I have to delete the current nameservers? Thanks much for your help.
  11. Thanks Bruce, I'm able to get in now and send receive email now by logging in outside of cpanel. I still don't get what you mean by "select the folders you wish to subscribe".
  12. Howdy Thomas, I read the thread at the link. I must have gone daft or something, I can't figure out how to get my email to work. I have a subaccount that I (used to before the update) route mail to from a script. I also have this subaccount as the default address. When I log in as the subaccount, the login takes me to the main account in Horde. In that other thread, it says to re-subscribe. How do you do this. I see nowhere to subscribe or re-subscribe. Thanks^2
  13. How can you improve? I'd say do something to get the email working consistently. I've had problem after problem getting my email to work. I'm using a PHP script to forward the mail to my domain and checking the email with Horde. I just opened Horde and found that all my email address are no longer in the menu on the left. It was working fine for months. In the past, I've spent a lot of time getting a setup to work and then sometime down the road, it stops working and then I have to spend a lot of time again to get it working. Any suggestions on what I can do to keep it working on my end? Thanks
  14. Greetings TCH, What has happened to the Web Site Stats in Cpanel? Recent Visitors? Nowadays, it only shows visitors visitors for the current day. It used to show visitors for the last 30 days or so. Thanks
  15. I've had problems on my two sites with mail from the forms not getting through. I was sending the form content to my ISP account. My ISP is one mentioned above. My autoresponse to the sender was working but the form wasn't getting to me. The autoresponse was getting to me through my ISP on tests but not the form content. I also had to learn the hard way that my mail wasn't working. A potential client told me he submitted the form and got the autoresponse but I never got the form. Not long ago, I looked and my default address vanished about two weeks after I set it. I'm now using Outlook Express with mail dot mydomain dot com as the pop and smtp servers. It seems to be working fine for the past couple weeks. biff
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