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Two things, I have found my original sign up for the help desk and it does not recognized my user id. I do not see how to request a new ID without purchasing another plan, so I'm confused.

I have set up multiple email accounts on the cpanel. Today I have not been able to download the mail that I can see is there into Outlook Express. This is not true for all accounts. I can send test, some people will get them, others never receive them but I can find the test mail on the webmail account. What is going on?

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cdbost -


How long has it been since you have signed up for your account? It was my experience when I first signed up that I had a few intermittent problems due to DNS/routing issues. Some servers refresh their DNS infomation faster than others, so it may be that you were routed through one server the first time, which has a faster refresh rate, and then the next time you went through a different server with a longer period in between refreshing, and it didn't have the proper DNS information.


Also, do you have a cable modem? Sometimes they need to be re-booted and have the power cycled (turned off, left off for at least one minute, then turned on again), so that it too can be refreshed.


There are some other things you can do re: flushing your DNS cache, but I'll hold off on suggesting that until someone with a little more experience chimes in.




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I've had this account since January. We are on DNS here so I can track what the mail is doing by walking up and down the hall in the office. I can also view everyones email account so I know who is pooling and who is not. Some are getting their mail others not. I've tried rebooting PCs; it has no effect (incase Outlook express was being flaky)

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