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  1. Being uninformed I would love a clear understanding of the statistics I see on the cpanel using awstats. Could some one explain the differences of the catagories: unique visitors, number of visits, pages & hits. I believe my understanding of them is a little fuzzy.
  2. I have the domain www.iaqsales.com. Our company has another domain which is no longer being hosted by another company. I will be launching the new site on iaqsales.com this week but would like to redirect those people looking for www.industrialairquality.com to www.iaqsales.com. The redirect tool on the cpanel seems to redirect domain from the opposite direction. Am I misinterpretting the tool? And how do I redirect the domain name to the location on server8. The last question, do I move the domain (www.industrialairquality) to a different host.
  3. cdbost

    Php Pages

    Don't know why it took so long to load, but it is a work in progress. The search feature on the first page that connects to the result.php page was giving me problems. Support ticket turned on a feature so that I would receive error messages on the code (don't know how that was turned off) but I am puzzled how a page that worked before is suddenly generated errors. Anyway I am looking into resolving the code error. Once I figure out what line 166 is. I figuring out why the code no longer works
  4. cdbost

    Php Pages

    I have a site listed on domain www.usedcollectors.com. I check the site today (and I'll admit I have not checked my data in a while.) My pHp pages for my MYSQL database is not longer working. All I am getting is a blank page where I used to have formatted data from my database. I have error generating code in the pages to let me know if there is an error in opening the database or in retrieving the data but that does not seem to get that far. It is like the page defined is just a blank page. I have checked the database on the control panel and the data is still there. I relaunch the php page but to no avail. I am not getting any errors so I am at a loss at what is happening? Need help, my boss has now decided to put emphasis on this site and it no longer works
  5. I noticed that I left off the final ' " ' on the query. So it is not a format error. I also tried: $query=" SELECT * FROM Unit WHERE Type like'$searchterm'";
  6. I have set up a database using the Mysql interface provided on the control panel. I can query the database without any trouble using the SQL dialog. I am new(very) to using PHP and I have a nifty book here and I am trying to learn it. I have tried the example provided by the book but I get a "no database found" error on the query. I believe I have opened the database without any problems because I use the $dbh=mysql_connect() or die and I do not receive any errors. I have tried creating a query using myPHP with supplied code but I still get the "no database found" error. The code I am tying to get to work: mysql_connect ('local host', 'user', 'password') or die ("connect ". mysql_error()); mysql_select_db('cbost_usedcollector'); $query="select * from Unit where ".$searchtype." like "$searchterm."; $result = mysql_query($query) or die("query" .mysql_error());
  7. I've had this account since January. We are on DNS here so I can track what the mail is doing by walking up and down the hall in the office. I can also view everyones email account so I know who is pooling and who is not. Some are getting their mail others not. I've tried rebooting PCs; it has no effect (incase Outlook express was being flaky)
  8. Two things, I have found my original sign up for the help desk and it does not recognized my user id. I do not see how to request a new ID without purchasing another plan, so I'm confused. I have set up multiple email accounts on the cpanel. Today I have not been able to download the mail that I can see is there into Outlook Express. This is not true for all accounts. I can send test, some people will get them, others never receive them but I can find the test mail on the webmail account. What is going on?
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