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Spybot Error Messages

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I run SpyBot pretty regularly and within the past 2 days have had 2 "error during check" messages appear at the conclusion of the process along with separate warnings as follows:


InterFun c:\windows\system.ini kann nic is being used by another process


BackOrifice.B [DateiC\windows\winnit.ini.kar is being used by another process


Both of these entries are preceeded by the triangular warning sign, I can select them but it won't allow me to do anything with them.


Also, I get the "Congratulations, nothings's been detected!" message. These messages don't appear at the same time and they don't seem to have a sequence for when they'll appear. They are not showing up in AdAware.


Any suggestions? I'm running V 1.3 last updated 10/26/04.

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Thank you - I didn't even know that forum existed! Guess I'll just ignore it until it goes away. I run the updater everytime I use SpyBot so I'm sure it will just take care of itself in time.


You guys are the best! Thumbs Up

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