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Installing Invision Board

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I installed the board and started to add things and adjust things when i realize that half of the things i did not know what they were for Help!!!


two thing i would like to know


1. where is there a good help file :P OK i found the forum help area but where are there more help sites


2. can one of the staff go in and set it up for me like this forum is at least the more techinal aspect of it like permissions and that ibp because i do not know what that is at all


Honesty i thought it would be easier to set up ;)


Update: ok i went to the IPB website and used there 2.0 version manual and it answerd alot of question but i would like for one of the staff to check out the permissions becuase i am still not sure on that

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I've set-up Invision Board successfully without too much difficulty. What do you mean by permissions? It's pretty much all in the manuals, it's quite straightforward (I didn't even have to go to other websites, thanks to their excellently written manuals) but if you have a more specific question, I'll be happy to try and answer it. Or someone else who comes along will too if they could. :huh:

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i decided to go in a reading spree and figured it out :D


but thank you for the responce :(


consider problem this closed


:huh: Thumbs Up

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Sorry I missed your post before, mr_lucas.


I should let you know that officially, tech staff does not offer assistance in installing third party scripts. But changing file permissions is, as you have probably seen by now, not hard and is supported by most FTP clients - I don't recomment you use cPanel's file manager for that, it's buggy, or at least used to be.


If you need anything else, just ask ;)

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Oh you mean file permissions? Yes I agree with Raul, file permissions may seem overwhelming at first but once you get used to it, it's not all that difficult. In a nutshell, there are three groups - User, Group and Others, and each group has a corresponding set of permissions - Read, Write and Execute.


User refers to the owner of that file.

Group refers to the group that owner is in.

Others refer to everybody else, the world.


Read refers to being able to read the contents of that file

Write refers to changing the contents of that file, including deleting it.

Execute refers to using the associated program to run that file.


There are some exceptions to the rule but this is generally it. Hopefully this clarifies what you've already read up. Good luck.

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Actually I meant permission mask in the control admin panel it's self I was getting confused between the main mask and the ones that come up when you create a forum

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