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  1. Mm I could be wrong but I would have thought regexping the mail logs would be possible, thus filtering out the logs that belong to you and those that don't. Perhaps it would be helpful to take it up with the help desk again as it seems they have the key to the answer you wish for.
  2. You could set an autodelay that sends off emails at a prespecified interval. If Squirrelmail does not do it, most third-party email clients do.
  3. What is the difference between superglobal and global variables? I think I understand how they work when it comes to passing data between a form and another output page but I don't know how to implement a superglobal in this case. The reason why I'm asking is because I read up somewhere on the PHP manual which says that globals would soon be deprecated? In this case, which superglobal array should I use? Environment, session, server, request, post, get, cookies or?
  4. I would like to have two files using the heredoc syntax, one handling the user interface and the other handling the headers and footers of a page. The one handling the UI is a function accepting parameters to set the attributes of the UI for example, a button would have the title and href link attributes which would be set via a function. The function handling the headers and footers has buttons inside them and I would like to somehow get the output of the earlier-mentioned function at various places within the heredoc text output of this function. I have tried using a return inste
  5. Ahhh.. Is there a way of storing the heredoc text in a variable in one particular function in a file and call it up again within another heredoc text in another function on another file?
  6. How do I call a function from within the heredoc syntax in PHP? I would like to use a function to display parts of the entire text within the heredoc syntax repeatedly throughout itself. For example, the text that I would like to display is: Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. The entire sentence is contained within the heredoc syntax and I would like to use a function to repeat little lamb three times instead of having to type it in full within the syntax. Can this be done? I'm tearing my hair out on this. Edit: I could probably use a variable to store little lamb b
  7. worse (for better or for worse)
  8. Crater 160. What's the last possible number?
  9. You're welcome, Weezy. Insert it into the subject line. I haven't personally tried it yet but do let me know if it works.
  10. I totally agree with Robert. At the same time, it would be great to see how the new site looks like. At the moment, things does feel a little scattered and hopefully the new design would make navigation a breeze.
  11. Spamkey is associated with SpamAssassin. It's on everybody's accounts I reckon. It's a key that if used can bypass your spam filters such that whoever uses it will be able to send email without worry about it getting filtered.
  12. Thank you very much for the port numbers. They've helped me configure my email clients successfully. If I may, may I ask which authentication system does TCH POP3 servers support, if any? This has boggled me for awhile and is in my email client settings. Regular - this is a simple authentication mechanism that requires an e-mail client to send a username and password to the server. Username/password data is sent in cleartext form, which could be easily intercepted in transit. This authentication mechanism is supported by most RFC-1081 compliant mail servers, e.g. mail servers that support
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