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Adware Or Spyware? Or Something Else?

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Whenever I got on my IE the other night I noticed that it was getting canceled on my homepage, and being sent to a new URL which was a search site, once I tried to login to my webmail I got sent to a I AM A SPAMMER site. :S


Is this Spyware or Adware?


I have used the following programs and after deleting everything bad that it found I was still getting the same things.


Spy Sweeper,


Spybot S&D.


Could it perhaps be a virus or trojan?


Just thought one of the others around the forums who are into computer security might know what is going on :S.

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And by the way, I Uninstalled IE, then Re-Installed it and got the same thing. I am using Mozilla Firefox, mainly now, but some of the stuff that I do like the MSN Gaming Zone require IE.

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Alan, what you probably have is a Browser Hijacker. Do you have the newer version of Ad-Aware...Ad-Aware SE?




go there and download and install. Also check for updates before scanning.


do you have the current Spybot? Version 1.3? get that here



also check for updates first before scanning



See if these get rid of your problem

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An FYI about Hijackthis.


It is an "investigation" tool and it creates a list that you are supposed to look at to determine if you have spyware, trojans, hijackers and so on. The list or report produced is usually technical in nature and needs knowlegable people to read and interpret what is in it.


If you don't know how to read the report or someone is not going to read it for you the program will not help you.

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Hrm, I updated Spybot S&D and AdAware and I still have the same problem :dance:


And everytime I start IE that homepage tries to force me to download pl.exe, I am guessing it is a virus.

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First, you should check to see where your "Home" page is pointing. You should set it to "Blank" if you can.


Second, you may have already downloaded a trojan or virus and should do a complete virus scan of your computer. Also, do a search for pl.exe on your computer, in case your virus scanner misses it (some do).




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Alan, I've checked the virus sites, Datafellows, McCafee, and Nortons and cannot find anything on "pl.exe". Try this.


Disconnect your computer from the internet, remove cable or hangup if dialup.

Boot your computer into "safe mode"

rerun both the Ad-aware and Spybot programs.


Do you have a Virus scanner? If not get one and run it. AVG is free



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Norton AntiVirus:

Virus Alert!

High Risk!

Norton AntiVirus has detected a virus on your computer.



Object name: C:\windows\system32\jaamicjm.dll

Virus name: Trojan.StartPage

Action Taken: Access to the file was denied.


threat assessment




* Number of infections: More than 1000

* Number of sites: More than 10

* Geographical distribution: High

* Threat containment: Easy

* Removal: Moderate






* Payload Trigger: Running the Trojan.

* Payload: Changes the Internet Explorer home page without permission.

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I am something else lol. ;)


I never noticed you where a red coat before until just now though lol. So I must have had a space-out. :P

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