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I am interested in giving my users individual login accounts to access secure features of the web site. I'm probably jumping in to deep for my limited experience in these things, so I need some help from you guys. I'm looking to create a user login/tracking setup similar to what Yahoo offers with their chat/games/etc.


Here is what I want to do:

* Site will have login to access personalized areas

* Site will remember returning members (probably through cookies)

* Users will be able to post profiles of themselves that others can see

* Users will be able to log in once to use all site resources:

* BB will recognize users without logging in a second time

* Web Mail will recognize users without logging in a second time

* All other site features (chat, profiles, polls, etc will reference to the users account)


I know this has been done before, and there is probably some free source code out there to do the job. My experience is mainly in page layout and HTML. I know very little about PHP, Javascript, Java, and other scripting languages even though I have included them in past projects.


I'm guessing that I'll need to use some combination of PHP, MySQL, and cookies to pull this off. I don't want to reinvent the wheel. Where do I go from here?

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you may also which to check out the two bulletin/user boards supplied by TCH via cPanel -- phpbb and just recently we've added Invision - which is what the TCH user forum is based on.


Again, the TCH Help Web site has some information on both.


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From my initial observations it seems that php-nuke is better supported, but PostNuke is easier to use. Has anyone used both? What about the other similar packages out there? Is PHP-Nuke the way to go? I'm inclined to go that way.

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I can't really compare since I haven't seen PostNuke but php-Nuke isn't that difficult, it takes some time and experimentation to figure what you need to do but once you get it it's great.


Just install it on a pw secured dir and you can do whatever you want with it...

If you feel PostNuke is better for you then use it, of not then use php-Nuke.

In the end it's a matter of what suits you best, it's up to you...


Good luck!

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