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Looking For Javascript Toggle


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I'm trying to find the code for a javascript toggle that I can use in an FAQ. What I want to do is have one row be the question and when one clicks on it, it toggles on the row below it with the answer. Then when one clicks on it again, it hides the answer.


We have some pages at work that use this but I don't have access to them on the weekend. I've googled for it but haven't found the same thing.


If anyone can copy the code for me or point me to a site that has it, I would greatly appreciate it. :unsure:



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Here's one that works in IE and Mozilla Firebird:




These work in IE but don't seem to work in Mozilla firebird:


A variation used on this page:



Not javascript, but just plain HTML to show/hide text:




Sites are not to TCH hosted sites so the h has been removed to disable links


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This one can do something similar.  :)

Perfect! This is just what I needed, plus it has some extra CSS bells and whistles that make it look even nicer! So far I have been able to successfully tweak it with my VERY limited CSS and Java knowledge to look how I want. :dance:


Thanks! :hug:

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