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Alternate Payment Methods


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My site is planning on launching in a week or two, and we were planning on setting up TCH for hosting. There's only one problem: You guys only accept payment through PayPal or credit card. We're minors, so we can't have credit cards, and I've heard some disturbing stuff about PayPal...


So...do you guys accept any alternative methods of payment?

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You could always do like I do, pay a friend and just have them signup on the account for you, I choose to pay David, who also owns my ISP and he in return uses his zZip ISP Paypal account to pay TCH.


I have recently gotten a student checking account and can now use my debit card, but what can I say, I am just too lazy to change my billing info. So David is now directly on draft to my checking account so when he pays TCH he draws the amount directly from my checking account.


Or you COULD always just get your parents to signup for you. :)

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