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A Few Questions


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A few questions:


1) I have a domain registered and I'd like to use that one. My question is will the site use the domain for relative links. (ie. the link yada.html at www.yada.com will actually open up www.yada.com/yada.html and not www.someothersite.com/~someusername/yada.html). I don't want it to be a redirect url.

Yes, this will be my first time with a professional host. :blink:


2) I'm considering the Starter plan. Can I later change to Silver plan if I need more bandwidth? And without paying some kind of fee?


3) Which taxes are included in the cost? I live in Europe (Denmark to be precise).


4) What happens if the monthly bandwidth is reached? Is the site closed down or does that months payment increase accordingly?


5) Anything I should know being totally new to paying for hosting? ;)


Thanks, Kolibri

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Hi Kolibri,

  1. Your site will be at the domain, not redirected to something else.
  2. You can change plans at anytime (upgrade or downgrade) with no extra cost. You just have to pay at the rate of the new plan.
  3. There is no sales tax on services. The price you see is the total price you need to pay.
  4. When you reach 80% of your bandwidth usage, you will get a warning that you are approaching your total bandwidth usage to the email address you setup in your control panel. When you hit 100%, your site will be automatically suspended (it won't serve pages anymore) until you make payment to either upgrade the account or purchase additional bandwidth for the month.
  5. Just know that when you sign up at TCH, you have a family of people here to help. :blink:

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I misquoted a bit, things have been changing a bit around here. It should be; "Your subdomains are allowed to be used for any legal purpose. You may not sell the subdomain space to others, nor may you point other domain names to your subfolders. Sub-domains may not be used to host other domains."


What you have shown in the link should be ok under the new rules as far as I know. I think this should also keep us safe from F-Zero_Racer Fear not, someone will correct me if I am wrong. :blink:

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