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  1. 3:29 in Denmark. I have noticed that my phpbb forumtime is 4 minutes behind, which is kind of weird.
  2. I use Webmail (Horde). With the addition of Avant Browser (a IE skin that enables popup blocking and tabs) I can keep all my internet browsing to one window.
  3. So who are going to patent links? Oh wait...
  4. There are a number of solutions to battling spam: - Redesign the entire email system. - Make senders of spam solve a slightly cpu consuming problem for the receivers to accept them. Personally I'm in favor of the first option. The whole email protocol is laughable.
  5. Actually I found something alot more simple doing what I wanted and I found it at http://whohost.no-hype.com/ .
  6. I found zpanel which looks promising. But I read a thread further down stating that certain scripts aren't allowed. Is this the case with this one? I'm unsure. EDIT: And what about vSACS?
  7. Anybody who knows of some php software that can allow me to make personal pages for other people? It should be possible for me to create an account for them and set an upload limit and set the allowable filetypes. Users should be able to after logging in (by giving username and password): - Upload files to their pages - Download files from their pages Any suggestions?
  8. Yeah, it does seem to work when not using SMTP. EDIT: But the Mass Email function doesn't work. Hmm.
  9. Thanks. I guess I'll just use unsecure ftp then. I have another problem: My phpBB2 board uses mail notification, but it doesn't seem to send them all. I use local mail function (and not SMTP). Any ideas?
  10. I use FileZilla as my FTP client. I am trying to connect to ftp using Ftp over SSL (explicit encryption). I connect and accpet the SSL certificate, so far so good. When filezilla tries to list the directory it times out. >Status: Connecting to ****... Status: Connected with ****, negotiating SSL connection... Response: 220-This computer system is for authorized users only. Individuals using this Response: system without authority or in excess of their authority are subject to Response: having all their activities on this system monitored and recorded or Response: examined by any authorized person, including law enforcement, as system Response: personnel deem appropriate. In the course of monitoring individuals Response: improperly using the system or in the course of system maintenance, the Response: activities of authorized users may also be monitored and recorded. Any Response: material so recorded may be disclosed as appropriate. Anyone using this Response: system consents to these terms. Response: Response: Response: 220 ProFTPD 1.2.9 Server (ProFTPD Default Installation) [server71.totalchoicehosting.com] Command: AUTH SSL Response: 234 AUTH SSL successful Status: SSL connection established. Waiting for welcome message... Command: PBSZ 0 Response: 200 PBSZ 0 successful Command: PROT P Response: 200 Protection set to Private Command: USER XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Response: 331 Password required for XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Command: PASS XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Response: 230 User XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX logged in. Status: Connected Status: Retrieving directory listing... Command: PWD Response: 257 "/" is current directory. Command: PORT XXX,XXX,XXX,XXX,XXX,XXXX Response: 200 PORT command successful Command: TYPE A Response: 200 Type set to A Command: LIST Error: Timeout detected! Error: Could not retrieve directory listing Any ideas?
  11. So I can't make a www.domain.com/personalpages/~username system? Ehh, does this include offering a upload quota on a forum? EDIT: THis is what I had in mind: http://www.daimi.au.dk/~rawl/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=829 .
  12. Signed up. What is the policy on hosting webpages for other people? I'd like to offer people I know a small amount of space for their personal pages.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply.
  14. A few questions: 1) I have a domain registered and I'd like to use that one. My question is will the site use the domain for relative links. (ie. the link yada.html at www.yada.com will actually open up www.yada.com/yada.html and not www.someothersite.com/~someusername/yada.html). I don't want it to be a redirect url. Yes, this will be my first time with a professional host. 2) I'm considering the Starter plan. Can I later change to Silver plan if I need more bandwidth? And without paying some kind of fee? 3) Which taxes are included in the cost? I live in Europe (Denmark to be precise). 4) What happens if the monthly bandwidth is reached? Is the site closed down or does that months payment increase accordingly? 5) Anything I should know being totally new to paying for hosting? Thanks, Kolibri
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