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This Forum Is Really Busy - We Need Search

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This forum is really busy and helpful. We can even use some search facilities here to accomodate a quick locating of specific topics and issues. It will help a lot.


I may be wrong (just third day with this host, but overall the services are top quality so far), and I should look around to find it somewhere in the corner of the forum, among the janitor's brooms and dusty mops. Silly me! Please, forgive me, for I'm new here, and only want to be helpful.




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The menu is disabled on the search result page.


Where you want to look is in the middle of the page, where an MSN search will fail with the result:


One or all of your search keywords were below 4 characters or you are searched for words which are not allowed, such as 'html', 'img', etc, please go back and increase the length of these search keywords or choose different keywords.


Also note on the search form, you may want to specify the timeframe to search through. It defaults to the last 30 days.

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:blink: Welcome to the Family secretniche ;)


and your new home!



You can use some advanced features when searching

such as searching for

keyword1 AND keyword2 AND keyword3

to narrow down the results


Also in the results type try

Show results as posts


And as MikeJ said

use Search posts from...

any date to go back more than the default 30 days.



We really are like family here.

So if you need anything,

just ask your new family!

We love to help ;)

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Thank you all!


So as you say, TCH-Don, operator AND is supported here. We could use OR and ( , too. Can you share some more details? Well, I'll just test it myself and see what happens. And since you guys are so friendly and helpful - could you give me some feedback. I've bought hosting from you this week Sunday, and my web site is in the process of raw building. However, I've noticed that the colors (although, supposedly web-friendly 33,66,cc and so on) while look nice on my computer, look just terrible on some others. Is it me, or some monitors are not good? Can you check my index page and returm your valuable opinion, please?


URL is - http://www.secret-niche.com/



Thanks in advance,



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