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  1. Dear Lisa, where can I find the link pages? Family members page leads us straight to the Evil Chairman lair ... secretniche
  2. Lisa, I understand. Here's an improved version for your placement : Title : CHEAP TIKETS TO EUROPE Description : Save up to 35% - 67% on today's only special deals to Europe. Fly cheap to Europe - Germany, Greece, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, everywhere. Cheap! secretniche Thanks, Lisa. You rock!
  3. Some people are too lazy even to slightly modify the source code. Or too brazenly self-confident? I guess I have to go with wipo.org secretniche
  4. URL : http://www.adoption-travel.com/index.html TITLE : Cheap ticket flights - Russian Adoption Airfare. Cheap Flight Tickets DESCRIPTION : 20% off Air Ticket Flight for Adoption Travel. Airfares from USA, Air Ticket Flight for Adoption Travel. Airfares from USA, special discounts to Europe - Russian adoption from Russia. Commercial Site TCH LINK : http://links.adoption-travel.com/index.html secretniche
  5. URL : http://www.tickets-to-europe.com/index.html TITLE : CHEAP TIKETS TO EUROPE. Cheapest Airline Tikets.Com Air Avio Ticket DESCRIPTION : Tiket to Europe.com website sells chepest plane air fare tikets to europe, plane tickets to Europe, and cheap flight deals from USA to Europe. We are cheap europe tikets .com, wholesale consolidater airplain tikets from the lowest discount airlines to the best air faires to Europe! Commercial Site TCH LINK : http://www.tickets-to-europe.com/index.html secretniche
  6. Thanks, Don! I'll do that. (tomorrow) BTW, someone has stolen my web pages And I need your advice on what to do about this theft. ========================== Here's my original : Google Search - Creative Thinking Methods, Techniques, Resources. Creative ... ... Bizopp Guide. Seven Rules of Creative Thinking. ... using analogy methods is your best weapon to do lateral thinking, and to ... Cheap Travel Flights - secret-niche.com. ... http://www.secret-niche.com/resources.html - 7k - Here's the stolen by someone copy : Yahoo Search - Seven Rules of Creative Thinking - Secret Niche Resources Open this result in new window Need a new niche marketing strategy? - These links and rules, methods, and techniques of creative thinking and intelligence will help you. ... Find your niche using methods of. Creative thinking ... ( using analogy methods is your best weapon to do lateral thinking, and to look beyond the obvious.) ... www.videostudio2.com/resources.html - 5k - What do I do with these people? Should I go to my lawyer, or what? What would you suggest to correct the things? You could apply 7 rules here, too. secretniche
  7. Well, I know that This is just a healthy approach (actually, a marketing ploy) to accomodate poor spelling habits of those 76% of Internet users/international air travelers, both Americans and foreigners that are not really good friends with English language. How else can we mete there pleeding fer help? That's the way they type it. And my ticket sales are BOOMING! Thanks for the letter, though! secretniche
  8. Hi! I'd like to add two more sites - http://www.adoption-travel.com/ http://www.tickets-to-europe.com/ Should I just add them to this one request re http://www.fire-accessories.com/ Or should I file them all separately for your convenience? My Best Regards, secretniche
  9. Thanks, Yes, Sir, it DID work (in SAFE MODE). Giant pointed at that Naupoint t.h. right from the start, and then completely deactivated, and destroyed them both - Naupoint and his evil load - Browser Hijack. And it was about time, anyway. 'cause MSIE started behaving like something possessed with evil spirits - reloading pages on its own, without any directions and intentions from me, and most often against my will. Hijacked MSIE/WINNT integrated environment went completely berserk. So I decided to follow through according to your directions. And now, quoting W - It's "mission accomplished!" Thank you, again. woooot secretniche
  10. I used them both on and offline - worked the same way (negative). But, hey, I will try it the third way, just as you suggesting - the safe way. I'll report the results tomorrow. secretniche
  11. Hi, good people from total choice! Evil naupoint hijacked my msie, bolt of lightning strike destroyed my linux modem (home-owners insurance does not cover this damage). And darned msie is integrated with win2k. What do I do? I have tried both search-and-destroy, and giant-antispyware. Neither of them was able to detect (and destroy) naupoint trojan hijacker happily running my msie. And if I try outsmart 'm (using opera, or firefox) this evil naupoint makes my integrated msie-win2k environment reload, that is rebooting my computer!!! Any ideas? secretniche
  12. URL : http://www.fire-accessories.com/index.html TITLE : Gas Fireplace Valves, Fire Pit Kits, Gas Logs Ignitors Supplier DESCRIPTION : Wholesale and below retail supplier of gas millivolt valve kits, gas fireplace valves, gas logs ignitors, robertshaw valves, fireplace lp connectors and lp propane conversion kits. Commercial Site TCH LINK : http://www.fire-accessories.com/links.html secretniche Rock Sign
  13. Thanks again. You've saved my day! secretniche
  14. Already installed, and sent a testing email to myself. Works just fine. What bothers me, do I really need to point at contact.php, thanks.php, et cetera using this extra installation folder /ummf/thanks.php? I mean is it possible to dump all files into top directory - /thanks.php ...? secretniche Or 'ummf' is also ok?
  15. Thanks, and thank to those guys from Jacksonville, Fla. Looks like a perfect solution. secretniche
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