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  1. Must be nice...livin' in the city and all..... city slickers... ImaD
  2. I see it all depends on the machine, and the problems that machine may be having. ? though... what version of AdAware was everybody using? I was using version 6 that I d/l yesteday. Curtis, I also was on the page that you linked, but it appeared to me that by following their advice, it was just going to exclude the c2.lop file in it's search, and I didn't see how that was going to solve my problem.... ImaD
  3. Hey..there has to be a reason you're seeing a pot of gold in the first place... ImaD
  4. Go turtle....go turtle...woop woop... ImaD
  5. I do have a bit of advice. You can use put the script that Rick and HG edited for us somewhere on your site, and log in using it. When you exit, the page that you see shows no info, just a line that says you have logged out, and click here to log back in. The script you can see in use HERE . Log in demo...pw demo... The script can be found HERE Right now it's been set up to use Neo Mail, but I'm sure it could be tailored to your needs... Hope this helps... ImaD
  6. Pot of gold? Did somebody say pot of gold? ImaD
  7. Hey ohBhoy, It looks like this was your first post, so welcome to the Forums. It's just like a big family on here, and the support is bar-none the best in the biz. If this family doesn't already know the answer (which is rare!) they will find it somewhere and get back to you... Sorry to hear about your e-mail, but it could have been worse. It could have shown being bounced back from the IRS! ImaD
  8. I had a computer on the table last night that had more spybot software on it than I had ever seen on one machine. Over 150 instances on the first pass using SpyBot until it came to a file called c2.lop . I tried several more times to clean the system with "SpyBot", but each time it got to the c2.lop file it hung, and that was it. After some research using my fav. search engine, I found alot of info on the file C2.lop and also found a testimonial from somebody who said the only thing they had found to remove it was AdAware Ver. 6. I d/l it and it did indeed take care of what SpyBot had been choking on..... I'm not trying to say that makes AdAware better, just that for last night it was like the lone ranger for one tired tech... ImaD
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