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  1. oops I forgot to mention. Some of the emails were sent successfully in the end even though the operation timed out. Go figure. Anyway it's not an issue as long as I know I'm not doing anything wrong. Thanks again.
  2. Okay Bruce. I gotcha. I think that's what I will do as these timeouts are frustrating. I appreciate you explaining it to me. Thank you, Dina
  3. Hello I can only speak for promoting podcasting as I'm still trying to learn about rss for website promotion but a great rss software I found was this Feeder It's a Mac OS system based program just in case there are any maccers who wanted a program for rss. It may be an alternative if you don't get along with what you're using and/or use Mac OS. It creates the script via your description and content and also makes it iTunes music store friendly. You can drag and drop artwork too. I just did my first podcast for a fan site I run and it was accepted by iTunes music store the day after I submitted it. The only thing is to remember to put the right files in the right places. LOL *cough* not like I did with my artwork - had to change it but that was fine - iTunes picked up the right location a few days after via rss. My next challenge this week is doing the next episode and making sure it too is picked up. I'll use this program again and see how it goes. Good luck with your project. Dina
  4. Thank you for the welcome, gentlemen. Bruce I just tinkered with the settings and on my MDA and the t-mobile tech told me to leave the authentication part blank. Oh well we'll ignore what he said. LOL. So I just ticked it and put in the relevent password and username. I still got a message that the operation had timed out waiting for the server when I tried to send an email. So this will seem a silly question but do I need to do something on my cpanel to allow authentication? I'm a little stumped why it's just TCH domain I'm having problems with. Thanks, Dina
  5. Hello My name's Dina and I'm new to the forums but not to TCH. I've been using TCH happily for a while now. I've just got my first 'smart' phone. It's a T-mobile MDA. On every other email I can send and receive accept my TCH mydomain one. It gets the emails without any problems but sending them leads to time out. I've spoken to t-mobile and went through the set up wizard with one of the techs for mydomain account. The only difference with the settings is I have to go through t-mobiles server to reply/send any email. I think this maybe the problem but don't know? As I mentioned my other emails such as yahoo seem to be fine going through t-mobiles server to reply and send. I would be most grateful if someone could advise me the best way to send/reply to emails without being stopped in my tracks by the time-out. Thank you, Dina
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