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  1. HI Bruce Thanks for the reply. I had already tried Google but since I did my post I was able to find something at feedburner which at gives a quick start guide. I thought I would post the link here in case someone else finds it useful. Feedburner Thanks for the welcome to the forum replies - there's a lot of love in the room. Phil
  2. G'day everyone I am involved in a comedy project and I have just completed the website (hosted by TCH of course). By the way if you want to know what Aussies (well some of us anyway) find funny check it out www.areyoureadytogrumble.com. (sorry for the shameless self promotion) At the moment we are using word of mouth and I have registered the site with Google. (using the info in this forum - thanks for that). But I want to reach more people and I have been doing some research on RSS. Is there any resources/ site etc that you would recommed to get a good idea on how to use RSS to promote my site?. From what I have read it sounds promising but I can't find anything that details an easy or clear step by step approach. Thanks in advance Phil
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