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  1. Thanks, So isn´t there a way of preventing the box from appearing? Where could I find one of those scripts? Thanks a lot, Iván
  2. Hi everybody, I am currently designing my second photographer web (first one www.ivangarcia.net not made by me). When I pass the cursor over the pictures a small box on the top left corner appears with simbols that allow people to save the image in their hard drives. How could I avoid this? I know is pretty easy as I have done it before but I can´t remember how. Anybody? Thanks a lot, Iván
  3. You are great guys. THANKS!!! Iván
  4. Well I am writing from Spain. Here it has become very commun to buy computers in commertial centers and as a part of their offers they always include a "19 or "17 monitor. I would say I haven´t seen a "15 monitor since my flat mate threw away his ancient Pentium 100 (and this was about four years ago). How come you use a "14 monitor? I am a pro photographer and work a lot with photoshop and less than "19 would be too little for me.
  5. Thanks a lot to everybody. I think I will go for 1024x768 as it seems to be the most commun size. I am planning to sell some of my images through the net (www.ivangarcia.net) and I don´t think many people with enough understanding of internet art shopping will be using a "15 monitor. Thanks again to everybody. Iván
  6. I just love your fine irony... Forgot to include it. http://www.pedaldoc.com/html/SUPERNAUTAS/polaroid.html
  7. Hi again everybody, Could anybody tell me how can I make this template appear vertically centered on a 19" screen? It looks vertically centered on a 17" screen but it is too high on a 19" screen. Could anybody please help me? I would be really grateful :th_dblthumb2: Thanks a lot, Iván
  8. Hi everybody, What is the most commun monitor size? Shall I design for "17 or "19 inches? Please somebody let me know. Thanks a lot, Iván
  9. Hi, How can I sell the default address to fail? How can I activate the spam assasin? I have started to recieve enormous amounts of spam and I don´t really think this is normal. IVAN
  10. Hi, I get a huge amount of spam in all the mails I got in my totalchoice hosted websites. I haven´t given the mails to anybody so I assume totalchoice is selling them to publicity companies. Is anybody else getting all this spam? IVÁN
  11. Hi everybody, Could anybody tell me if it is very difficult to build a website like this one?: http://www.meetic.com/ This is the last web I did: www.pedaldoc.com How much would I need to learn and what to do a website like Meetic? I would really welcome your answers. Thanks a lot, Ivan
  12. Hi, Sorry for reopening this topic but I don´t manage to make my site appear centered. I am interested in it appearing centered mainly for 17, 19 and 21 inches resolutions. I have tried to make the body center aligned but I can´t . Please help. Thanks a lot, Iván
  13. Thanks a lot to everybody. I will spend some time studying your ideas and will try to put them in practice. Thanks again to you all who help newcomers to the web design world. Iván
  14. Hi everybody, Let´s see if somebody can give a hand with this... I built a site about six months ago. I designed the site to be seen on a 17 inches screen (1024x768) and looks all right with that resolution but I have now realised that my site doesn´t appear centered with a 600x800 resolution or with the resolution for a 19 inches screen. www.pedaldoc.com This is a big problem for me because I suppose it makes me lose customers. I did the site using layers. Is there any way I can make my site centered for all the different screens and resolutions? Please I would really welcome a hand... Thanks to everybody in advance. Iván
  15. Thanks a lot, I will try that. Iván
  16. Hi everybody, Would any of you be so kind as to tell me how I can make my site appear centered for every screen resolution? It doesn´t appear centered now: www.pedaldoc.com Also, I used layers to position the text and now it sometimes overlaps other text or pictures when the site is viewed using FIREFOX for instance. How I could position the text where it is without using layers? They are really giving me a headache. I would really welcome any help. Thanks a lot in advance. Iván.
  17. Thanks a lot to everybody. I think I will list Arial as second choice as I liked it quite a lot. I am not using flash for sure. Actually I am substituying my flash buttons for Html to avoid the problems that that package has given me from day one. After the microsoft update I am not using flash for anything else ever. Thanks to everybody again! Iván.
  18. Hi everybody! Let´s see if any of you knowledgable people can give me a hand with this. I have two different fonts in my web, "DOTUM" and "BANK GOTHIC LT". I see it fine in my computer but when I have a look to my web from any other computer everything is in "TIMES NEW ROMAN" which by the way I don´t like at all. www.pedaldoc.com Why is this? I suppose it is because I got this fonts in my computer and other computers don´t. Is it a way of solving this? Please somebody give me a hand with this. Thanks a lot in advance!!! Iván
  19. Hi everybody, I really would like to make buttons similar to the ones that appear at the top of this page (FAQ, buscar, miembros etc). How can I make them? What has been used to make them? http://foros.guitarramania.com/index.php?f=39 Could somebody please let me know, Thanks a lot to everybody in advance!!! Iván.
  20. Thanks a lot to everybody. Let´s see if I can get rid of those dodgy flash buttons. They look really horrible after the microsoft update! Thanks again, Iván.
  21. Thanks a lot, that works. Could somebody explain me (or point me to a good tutorial) how to do a rollover button using html or Css? I mean a button which is only a line of text that changes colour when the cursor goes over it and that changes colour again when the link is visited? I have had lots of problems with flash lately after the Microsolf update and I am going to ditch all the flash stuff from my site: www.pedaldoc.com Regards and thanks in advance to everybody. Ivan.
  22. Hi everybody! Can somebody tell me if it is possible to avoid the line under the text in a link created in html? http://www.pedaldoc.com/html/mainpages_eng...0real_Intro.htm I want to avoid the line under the "About us" appearing. Thanks a lot to everybody! Iván.
  23. Can anybody tell me how to put together different flash buttons in the same flash file? Maybe somebody can point me to a good tutorial... Thanks to everybody in advance. Iván.
  24. Thanks Bruce. You are a guy really. Do you mean I need now to redo all my buttons using firefox? Well, I will do it if I have to as I find that box really horrible. How can the guys of Microsoft do this? I suppose this is costing money to a lot of people... Please let me know if that if what I need to do. Regards, Iván.
  25. Hi Bruce, Thank you very much for your answers. Do you mean using firefox for all the buttons? Redoing them in Firefox? Please let me know, Iván.
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