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  1. Thanks. Is there a way of solving that? Iván.
  2. Thank you very much for your answers... Alan, can you see the dotted line? It would be great to know. Maybe something is wrong with my computer. Thanks again! Iván.
  3. Hi everybody, Can anybody tell me why I get a dotted line around the buttons of my web?: www.pedaldoc.com It used to work fine... Please help me!!! Thanks a lot, Iván.
  4. My website looks different in different browsers (I am only interested in Firefox and IE really). www.pedaldoc.com (check out the spanish side of the web as it the one giving me more problems) How is that posible? Isn´t Dreamweaver suppossed to be a WYSIWYG editor? I get in IE what I see in Dreamweaver but I don´t in Firefox...Why? I am going mad with this problem really as I don´t now how to solve it. Any suggestions? Iván
  5. Hi, Can anybody give a hand with this? I enter in my site: www.pedaldoc.com Well you go to "english" to choose the language and the first page (about us) stars to load. Suddenly the page changes to the "mod kits" page. If you try to go to any other page the same happens again. WHY? I can´t really understand this... Thanks a lot to all of you. Iván.
  6. Ok, thanks for your answers. Do you consider it is worth to make sure my web works fine in Firefox and all the other browsers? According to the info available in the net only about 8% of internet users use something that is not IE. Waiting for your comments. Thanks a lot for all the help you are giving me. Iván.
  7. My website looks different in different browsers...why? www.pedaldoc.com If I see it in IE it looks fine but in Firefox the text overlaps and some of the buttons don´t work right. Why is that? I would really welcome your help. Thanks a lot, Iván.
  8. Hi, I have made a website: www.pedaldoc.com Well I don´t know why but the typography of the flash buttons (when you click on english or Spanish you access the web where the buttons are) is not the one I chose in flash. Actually this one is quite horrible. Why is that? Please give me a hand with this. Thanks a lot, Iván.
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