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  1. Hi everybody, Could anybody tell me how to turn on the Spam Assasin in the CPanel? Thanks a lot, Iván
  2. Hi everybody, As always let´s start thanking everyone of you for your help. Well on this page I can see all the thumbnails and everything is fine: http://www.artepolaroid.com/html/english/f...esertnight.html But on this other I can´t see any of the thumbnails: http://www.artepolaroid.com/html/english/folder2/desert.html Could anybody tell me why? Thanks a lot, Iván
  3. Hi everybody, Sorry I ask so many questions but this is the fastest way to go. Thanks a lot for all your trouble. Talking about the thumbnails you can see on the left of the page: http://www.artepolaroid.com/html/english/folder1/prueba.html Why in the following page the space between the thumbnails on the left and the thumbnails on the middle is smaller than the space of the thumbnails on the center and the thumbnails on the right? This only happens in IE. Thanks a lot in advance. Iván
  4. Hi everybody, First of all thanks to everyone of you for all the help you are giving me. How can I give a border to the table that holds the image?: http://www.artepolaroid.com/html/english/folder1/prueba.html I am planning to make some pages that will hold text where the image is. Do I need to insert a text "holder" (if that exist)? Thanks in advance, Iván
  5. Thanks a lot. I will try that tomorrow morning. Always great to come here. Iván
  6. Hi everybody, Could anybody tell me why this page doesn´t appear centered with every screen resolution (please don´t mind the broken images)? http://www.artepolaroid.com/principal_uno_...Untitled-4.html This one does appear centered with every screen resolution: http://www.artepolaroid.com/principal_uno_images/cara.html What is the difference? I would really welcome your help. Thanks a lot in advance, Iván
  7. Sorry I didn´t explain myself well enough All the thumbnails on the left side of the template page have links to other pages with pictures. THey all work well and take the user where they should: http://www.artepolaroid.com/Templates/principal.dwt However the same links of the pages produced from that template don´t work at all. How come if the template works? Aren´t the pages dependant from a template supposed to change at the same time that the template? http://www.artepolaroid.com/principal_uno_images/cara.html Thanks a lot in advance for your help, Iván
  8. How come if all the links point to www.yahoo.com the thumbnails take you to the pages where they are supposed to? Thanks, Iván
  9. My God...I though so. How shall I do this? Is there a way of getting the site to look similar in both browsers? Thanks a lot, Iván
  10. The page was not found. That it what it says. Aren´t pages from a template supposed to change at the same time the template changes? Thanks a lot for your help. Iván
  11. My site looks good in IE but horrible in Mozilla...why? http://www.artepolaroid.com/principa.....;/columpio.html Please don´t tell me I am gonna have to start again with the design. Thanks, Iván
  12. Hi everybody, I have a template and have done the links for the buttons on that template. The links on the template work (only the images on the left hand side): http://www.artepolaroid.com/Templates/principal.dwt But the links on every page dependant of that template don´t: http://www.artepolaroid.com/principal_uno_images/cara.html Why the links of the pages made from a template don´t work? Thanks a lot in advance for your help, Iván
  13. Ok, problem solved!!! I had forgotten to upload a CSS file. http://www.artepolaroid.com/principal_dos_images/puerta.html The layout is looking good now so time to keep on working. Thanks a lot to everybody for your help!!!! [:x] [:x] [:x] Iván
  14. Ok, it seems I am getting there as I have managed to solve some of the images problems (the ones on the left should be all at the same distance from one another though) but still some problems with the text that should be much closer together: http://www.artepolaroid.com/p_uno_spanish/de_cabeza_s.html Can that be a CSS problem? Where are my CSS files? Are there in a folder I can´t see? Please help. Thanks a lot, Iván
  15. There it goes a link to one of the screwed pages: http://www.artepolaroid.com/p_dos_spanish/...y_tunnel_s.html Thanks a lot for all your help really. Iván
  16. Thanks, sorry. Please try them now. Iván
  17. Thanks a lot for answering me. I still have the same problem. I have taken a couple of screen shots so you can see how it looks: This one is the view I get on my local browser (the files are saved in a folder within "my documents) and this is how I would like my site to look: http://es.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/paypal_iv...jpg&.src=ph And this is how I see the site after uploading the files using the FTP server: http://es.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/paypal_iv...jpg&.src=ph Why does this may happen? Thanks a lot, Iván
  18. Hi, I have designed all the pages of my site using tables and templates in dreamweaver. When I was trying the pages they all looked great. Now I have uploaded the pages to my site using and FTP server and all of them are totally different from what I designed. WHY?? Please help me. This is big trouble. Thanks a lot in advance. Iván
  19. Thanks. I already have created those pages. The one to which the link "english" I would like to take the page user is in a folder called "principal_uno_images" which is in the public_html folder of my site. However how can´t I get that "address" quickly? I did another page last year and I was able to see the folders and files from my browser. I can´t do that now and I don´t know why. In that way I could see the full address of each page.
  20. Problem solved thanks. www.artepolaroid.com Could anybody tell me how I can do the links? I mean if I want to link "English" to the first page of the site how can I find out the address to that page? Thanks, Iván
  21. Hi, Thanks for answering me so quickly. The images are uploaded in the image folder Also isn´t it possible to see the files inside the public_html folder in my browser? I have another site and I can see them without any problem. Thanks a lot, Iván
  22. Hi everybody, Would anybody be so kind as to tell me why I can´t see the image in the index page of my site? www.artepolaroid.com Also...how can I see the files inside the public_html folder? Why can I browse www.artepolaroid.com/public_html? Thanks a lot, Iván
  23. Thanks man, I will wait for a day more. Why doesn´t total choice provide a domain with the dss servers already changed? Thanks, Iván By the way the link: www.artepolaroid.com
  24. hI, I can´t connect to my new site...why? I changed the domain servers two days ago. Please help. Iván
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