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  1. I use Dreamweaver MX and they have a wonderful behavior from WebAssist that inserts Paypal buttons. It's super easy to use; however, after I inserted the code into my page, I saw that the button code has my Paypal account/website email blatantly displayed. Since I am very paranoid of email harvesters, this does not sit well with me. I tried to use the encrypted button off Paypal's site, but when I tested it from my page, my business name was no where and no description of the product was there, just the price. I've purchased things from businesses using Paypal and they have their company name, etc., as well as the product info. Does anyone know how to encrypt the email address within the coding of the button AND do the setup at Paypal so the "invoice" has more than just the price? BTW, I'm somewhat technically challenged, so please be gentle with your answer! marlene
  2. Thanks Carl. I will stop worrying. marlene
  3. I don't know if I'm being overly paranoid, but the last few days I have noticed that my includes files have been visited by an IP of A whois check revealed that this is a TCH IP. I'm curious about this. Why is a TCH IP searching only my includes files? I have been having numerous domain issues and apparent email hack attempts into my site, so I'm a little nervous now about who is visiting my site. Is this something to worry about? marlene
  4. I was thinking about what you said regarding "other input" in this matter. My suggestion would be to cut the email service of the domain on the date of expiration. That should get the attention of the domain owner shortly afterwards and then will (hopefully) investigate the "problem". Then the owner would find out that the domain needs to be renewed, should the auto renewal not be activated and/or human memory fails. My email stopped on the day my domain went up for auction and subsequently sold. If it was cut off on the day of expiration, with the generous grace period, I could have kept my domain. marlene
  5. I lost my domain name because my email address on file was incorrect. I didn't receive the notices and someone bought my domain name and is holding it hostage in Russia. My fault? I think not. I have tried numerous times to change my email address and although it indicates it has been changed, it hasn't. I know this because subsequent to changing it, the next time I go in it's back to the old email (that is if I can get in. I usually have to go through support to go through new hoops to access my account). It isn't my fault that the system/company TCH uses to manage accounts is flawed. You say reminders are sent by email. Okay, why weren't my renewal notices sent to my secondary email on file when the other email address used returned no response? What is the point of having a secondary email address, a snail mail address and phone number information in my account if it serves no purpose and won't be used? On top of all that, I had renewed my hosting for the domain just weeks previous to it being released for sale. What? Doesn't anyone handling these accounts have any common sense? I renewed the hosting but decided to let the domain name lapse? Good grief. I am STILL having issues trying to access my account. Each time I try to update my email and/or password, I get locked out. This is absolutely intolerable. I have had no problems with TCH regarding managing my website on the servers. I have been very satisfied with the service. I have also been very satisfied with your help desk, technical and clerical. It's the company you have managing your customer accounts that really needs to be addressed. marlene
  6. Sheesh. I'm an idiot. The return page had the wrong extension on it. The script is working properly. But...it wasn't last night! marlene
  7. Thanks Dick, for your quick response. This is making me crazy. Okay, it's not actually "working" but it is. I am getting the email from the form, but the return page is actually my personalized error page that I made, not the page I intended for the user to see after using the form. So, I'm going to have to find out why it's not returning to the thank_you.html page, even though I have it uploaded. I'm going to work on this some more to see if I can figure out what's going on. marlene
  8. Okay, maybe I was in a different dimension last night when I was working on my site. I just checked it now and the email form script appears to be working. I have no idea why it was wasn't working last night and it is now. So, I will not mess with a good thing and just back away slowly from my computer. marlene
  9. I am redoing my site so I took down all the pages that I am redoing and just want to have an index page stating that the site is being redone, and a link to the contact page should anyone want to contact me. I had the contact page working in php script before I started removing my files. After I took down the site and put up a new index.php page and reloaded the contact page, the contact form is there, but the page that the user would be returned to doesn't come up and the message does not get send to my email from the form, as it did in the past. I have little to no knowledge of php and was using, with permission, a script that was written by someone else. I do not have a copy of the old contact page/script, as I over-wrote the page before I found out it didn't work. I am unable to find the contact info on that person, so I have no idea what might be wrong, either with the script on the page that I am missing something, or I inadvertantly deleted something on the back end of my site. Is this possible? Is there a file/directory/whatever on the back end that php works with that I might have deleted by accident when deleting my web site files? If you are interested in looking at the site it's at www.roughandreadydesigns.com/index.php. I don't know if that would help any, though. Thanks in advance for anyone that can give me assistance. marlene
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