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  1. Wow - I was just going through the website logs and saw the below requests. My guess is a hacker's bot scraper. Will it do any good to block the IP address? Is there anything I should do on my end? marlene - - [29/Jun/2011:18:54:17 -0400] "GET /muieblackcat HTTP/1.1" 404 - "-" "-" - - [29/Jun/2011:18:54:17 -0400] "GET /muieblackcat HTTP/1.1" 404 - "-" "-" - - [29/Jun/2011:18:54:18 -0400] "GET //scripts/setup.php HTTP/1.1" 404 - "-" "-" - - [29/Jun/2011:18:54:18 -0400] "GET //scripts/setup.php HTTP/1.1" 404 - "-" "-"
  2. I spoke with a tech via live chat. I was told the same thing....can't be done. Would it do any good to open a ticket?
  3. Well that is extremely disappointing. As a domain owner, I think I should have the capability of controlling what the users can and cannot do. I especially don't want email passwords changed without prior authorization.
  4. I would like to prevent unauthorized webmail users from having some/all the options available to them when logging into their webmail account such as; Change Password, Forwarding Options, Auto Responders, ConfigureMail Client, Email Delivery Route, Email Filtering. How do I disable these options for certain email accounts for my domain? marlene
  5. Thank you for your quick response and informative answer. marlene
  6. I have denied a specific IP address via the IP Deny feature in Cpanel to prevent unauthorized access to a particular webmail account. The unauthorized user has the current email account password. Changing the password is not an option at this time as it is being used at a different IP location and I would open a can of worms if the password was changed. The denied IP is still able to access webmail apparently, as I see the IP in my logs as getting a 200 served up for the webmail. At least it appears as though it is getting into the webmail because the log entry looks the same as th
  7. Oh...thanks so much for checking all this out. I did assign passwords that I feel are secure, but maybe I should reassign them, just in case. I have banned the IP, so I will wait to see if an employee complains about not getting into webmail. However, when instructing the employees on how to access the webmail in the first place, I didn't mention anything about this "magic" thing because I had no knowledge of it. Thanks again. You guys are great. marlene
  8. I agree with banning the IP. Are you familiar with the cpanel reference? cPanel_magic_revision_1187248694/webmail/x3/branding/favicon.ico I only see it when the suspect IP hits the site. marlene
  9. I downloaded my log thus far for December and noted again that someone at the IP address of: OrgName: AT&T Internet Services OrgID: SIS-80 Address: 2701 N. Central Expwy # 2205.15 City: Richardson StateProv: TX PostalCode: 75080 Country: US has been trying to get into the webmail of my employer's website in a manner that serves a 404 error. The attempt is made every day and yesterday there were 10 attempts within four minutes. All have served 404 errors except one. The entries are almost always like the first example below and are
  10. Oh! Well, that shouldn't be too hard then. Thanks very much! marlene
  11. Thank you, Bruce. I did not create any error pages. I did try to do that through the cpanel error pages feature, but it was a little over my head. I will have to do some studying and learn how to do that. marlene
  12. Thank you for your response, Carl. I just submitted a ticket and will await a response. marlene
  13. I think it was last week...my site was down with a HTTP Error 500 - Internal server error. I submitted a help ticket and my site was up after a bit, but no explanation for the error as I had requested. I now have an .htaccess file that is new and has nearly nothing in it; where as I had many lines of code in my two other ones, which are still in my cpanel and have been renamed by the tech support, also with no explanation. Those files have all the rewrite rules, robots.txt files, allows and denys, etc. This is all that is in my .htaccess file now: <Files 403.shtml> order al
  14. While adding an IP deny in cpanel, I saw that all the IP's I had previously denied are no longer listed. I am guessing that they were deleted, but not by me. Looks like I'll have to start over, losing abt 1 1/2 years worth of IP denying. Any idea what happened? marlene
  15. My site has some very basic php includes for navigation, footer and so forth. I have an extremely limited understanding of php scripting; so limited that I'm not even sure if the includes I use are considered a script. This: <?php include("/includes/topmenu.txt"); ?> is an example of the "script". Today I noted two entries in my error log: [Wed Aug 05 20:19:34 2009] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/***my user name***/public_html/404.shtml, referer: http://www.talithagems.com/sitemap.php'>http://www.talithagems.com/sitemap.php [Wed Aug 05 20:19:34
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