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  1. Just checked at the neighbor's house, same ISP and brand of modem, different brand of computer and router. Worked fine..
  2. I can not find the answer - any ideas would be welcome! Problem: I can not access one single TCH IP address, or any of the domains on that address, when I am connected through a router. Of course that is the address where most of my websites are located.. IP address in question and one domain on that address: ichs.net I get no access to the address via http, ping, ftp, email, nothing at all. I can access the IP and domains address if I work through a proxy. I can access the IP and domains when the computer is connected directly to the cable modem. I replaced the router with one from a different company, same problem. I have no access using a second computer on the same network, same problem. I can access the domains and IP address when using my work computer, different location, different ISP. I can access and (I assume TCH owns these addresses). I am using windows XP, have tried ipconfig /flushdns I have no access using a palm PDA through the router so probably is not windows problem. Help? Thank you!
  3. I want to use UFM and have a couple questions but getting no replies from www.jackborn.com/support/ Anyone know if there is some problem, is Jack still supporting his product? ultimateformmail.com/ufm2/ forums do not seem to be online either.
  4. Upgrades sound good. Thank you!
  5. What I am trying to do is trim the size of several hosting client's mailboxes so they do not fill the entire quota of their accounts. Some just don't seem to be able to get their e-mail clients to delete old mail. I would want to trim the size of all e-mail accounts that exist in a domain.
  6. I can not find where to set up Ageing in cpanel, someone want to tell me how? (and put the info here for others) Thanks! #
  7. Just want to turn on a led light or similar low current, low voltage device. Will need it to turn on for about 20 seconds and then go out again.
  8. I would also be interested in the answer to this question. I have a client who would like to sell clipart online so that the purchaser can pay for an image and then be able to download a copy. Chuck
  9. Hi, Can anyone give me any hints on how I can control an electrical device (just need a simple relay output) from my website? I have a windows xp pro machine here at my business where I could receive the remote commands but want to serve the control page from a website hosted on tch. I would like to allow anyone (maybe with a password - maybe not) the ability to switch a device on from a public website. Using X10 devices would be fine, as would some kind of relay attached to a port on the xp computer (printer - serial - etc). Electronics I can do - programming I am not so good at. Any ideas? THANKS! Chuck
  10. For some reason, after a couple years hosting with TCH, this same thing has been happening to my websites. I found on another posting something that seems to cure it: Just add the following line in .htaccess file in your public_html folder SecFilterEngine Off The thread is here: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...+Not+Acceptable
  11. I just had the same problem come up on several domains, on two different TCH servers. I added the fix that Abdul mentioned and that fixed the problem for me. I added the line at the end of the .htaccess file: Just add the following line in .htaccess file in your public_html folder SecFilterEngine Off
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