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  1. I'm in the middle of developing a text based RPG and would like a few people to jump on board and help develop it. No money involved unless we decide to advertise on the site. You would get a link in the footer of each page of the game if you would like. Any questions post here, PM me, or AIM me at AutomatikStudios. The programming would be done with PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. So if you have any experience in that area that would rock. Graphics wise...I need people who could create midieval type graphics (knights, castles, monsters, etc etc.). I also need some assisstance in creating the storyline, characters, etc. The more the merrier...so jump on board! Okay...I think that covers it all.
  2. not sure if you can password protect the public_html folder...but you could install the blog in say the folder "blog" and password protect that folder and then make a subdomain "blog.website.com" so whever and person goes to your blog at "blog.website.com" it will be password protected....just another option
  3. there is a particular domain in my "links from an external page" section of awstats that i would like to filter out...is there a way to do it?
  4. couldn't figure out where else to post this but either way...on the new front page of the total choice website at the bottom where it lists the hosting plans the Platinum Plan has the same details as the Expert Plan minus the price...just thought you might like to know.
  5. I run an online arcade site and lately my bandwith has be incredibly high with not near as many unique visitors....so im beginning to get suspicious that someone may be hotlinking to my .swf flash files from their website...is there a way to hotlink protect only the .swf files?
  6. ...small llamas....and after these midget llamas hit the ground they got up and ran straight to....
  7. what?!?! go buy one!! they're like 5 bucks!! what is 5 bucks w/ the possiblity of winning a new computer?!?? huh??
  8. well he's got an ftp account that gives him the ability to ftp everything via say dreamweaver....but i just wanted to give him the ability to change permissions basically...
  9. I am outsourcing some programming work and wanted to give him access to the file manager in cpanel to change permissions and what not but not necessarily the whole cpanel....i've set him up an FTP account but is there a way to only allow him access to the file manager?
  10. just wondering when we'll have the option in cpanel to upgrade invisonboard from 1.1.2 to 1.2....
  11. just wondering if i was forgotten about... ....make note that this is reallyDUMBSTUFF.com and not reallyFUNARCADE.com.....thanks!!
  12. okay...on the webhosting plans it says "shared SSL - free"....but then when you click to get more info it starts takling about paying to have it hosted and installed and what not....i'm confused...
  13. Hello...another site of mine for you to possibly add to the family!!! link: http://www.reallydumbstuff.com title: ReallyDumbStuff.com description: Lots of really dumb sites. Rank Evaluation please!!! thanks!!! Keywords interested it: dumb, bored, stupid, dumb sites, stupid sites thanks!!
  14. I searched through the file and couldn't find those parameters...what to do?
  15. ...appeared being the keyword....then all of the sudden Poncho Man came in and....
  16. whats the point of the "miscellaneous" section in awstats? it never really shows anything....
  17. to kick each other in the face but then out of no where...
  18. That has to be the coolest sugestion yet! why thank you ....and i had another idea...make the winning Potatoe Head the TCH mascot!!!!!!! oooooooo.....another idea....give me the computer!!
  19. okay...not sure if this is the correct forum...but i couldn't find another to put it in. my website traffic in the past 4 or 5 days has increased in traffic by about 300% due to it getting listed pretty good in the search engines. With that being said...if it keeps up this pace of bandwith usage, im gonna run out before the next billing month comes around....logical thing would be to upgrade...but if i upgrade now i will actually only be upgrading for the current month correct? so i will have paid twice for one month of service correct? maybe i'm misunderstanding how upgrading goes....if anybody could fill me in that would rock...thanks!!
  20. i had some mail issues that bill kindly fixed earlier today b/c all of my outgoing mail wasn't leaving...it was just sitting in que...at anyrate....he fixed it and i was able to send email just fine...but what about all those emails that are sitting in que? how long will they sit? b/c during my trying to figure out what was wrong i sent emails to other acounts i had to see if i would get them and never did and so they're technically still sitting in que...so i should know when the mail leaves que b/c i should get those emails i sent to other accounts...just wondering how long that should take....
  21. I'm not sure about that...I had to change a good many things in my CSS documents to accomodate mozilla....and i still haven't got my links to be the color i want for mozilla...the browser keeps overriding my link colors....besides that...i...like everyone else...love the tab feature....
  22. yes indeed....do i optimize all the pages down to the game pages themselves? or just down to the main sections?
  23. one more quick question...in the keywords at the top...do i put anything extra for the other pages? like would i add "action games" for the action games section?
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