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  1. Simple Newbie Question

  2. Transfer From Current Host!

    You have read correct. The reason we are such a pain in the backside is because such a site would use a lot of system resources. You must remember that your site is hosted on a shared server. What plan are you going to purchase? I will need to run this by our Techincal Services Manager to make sure that your site would not cause a problem. Let me know what plan your looking at and I will find out for you.
  3. Wrong Domain Name?

    Ok, I have made the change to the correct site. This will propagate instantly on our server. This is our mistake and sorry about that. When we provisioned your account is was setup as .com. It is all set now. Please check your cpanel and post back to let me know.
  4. Featured Client

    totalchoicehosting.com will start to display a "Featured Client" section of our web site. This section will be a interview with a TCH client. The interview will focus on the clients website, web products, company history, company focus and so on. It will not be geared towards how do you like your host. We will begin this in the upcoming few weeks. Every client is able to be a "features Client". I have discussed the idea with Head Guru and he loves it. With the amount of traffic the TCH recieves every day, this could help boost traffic to the clients site. I will keep you updated. Jerry