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  1. Okay guys, I was thinking of sending a support ticket but I want to check here first. Both a friend of mine and myself have an issue whenever we try and submit anything that contains an imageshack.us link. We get: This happans on my board (a ipb 2.0.4 ) and my freinds board ( an ipb 2.1.7 board) Another freind hosted with you guys using a 2.1.7 doesnt get the same error. (We're all hosted on TCH) It seems like a server error, but I'm not totally sure. Is it support ticket time?
  2. have html,body {text-align:center} (add the rest of any css code you have in to that) then, suround your entire website with a div, give that div an id #globalcontent then create a new id in your css, #globalcontent, and give it #globalcontent { width: ;//width here margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto; } voila, that should work
  3. Thanks for the help guys (I almost forgot about this thread, jeez >< )
  4. Over the course of having my website, I've tried out a few different CMSs for a homepage to my website. I've used a few, but am yet to find one a really like. I've checked out mambo, php-nuke, and something else which the name escapes me. So what is everyone elses opinion? (I also noticed Invision Power is comming out with a CMS, cant wait to see that )
  5. If I'm getting my prices right here, its probably more expensive to have a server at your house, as well as much more annoying. A good connection to the internet for a server can run you a few hundred bucks easy every month. Also, the fact that TCH gives you cpanel to manage your acount, which again if I recal correctly, costs about a few thousand bucks for your own liscense. And then theres a fact that TCH manages the server your on, and will fix it very quickly if something ever goes wrong. If you had your own server and something went wrong, then it'd need to wait for you to get back
  6. The thing about forums is what do you want to be doing with them? THe version that comes with the hosting is version 1.2. That is a very outdated verison of the software. The current version is 2.1, and included MANY more features than 1.2, and is much more secure. Invision power board 2.1 will run you $70 for a yearly liscense (which allows you to use your board forever, but stops getting updates after a year) or a $185 for a perpetual liscense (which you will just keep getting updates for). If you have the money, I'd say get a 2.x version (when you buy a liscense for IPB you can have
  7. DNS propagation can take a maximum of 72 hours if I remember correctly (just a member here, not official info). However, out of personal experience, the DNS usually is reproagated within a few hours for most places. I know some of the members on my board still experienced going to an old host for about a day after the DNS changed during a switch to TCH, but thats rare. And welcome to total choice, its a good choice
  8. I was gonna mention this earlier, but busy busy I am... Now, this is one of the reasons I like TCH. When I switched from a smaller, intimate webhosting business (where you'd maybe people who dont need to stay strict to certain business practices, and can give you some little extra this and that here) to TCH, I thought I was giving that intimacy (in lack of a better word) up. After seeing this, I've definatly been proved wrong.
  9. Word's of wisdom right from the itty-avy's mouth ^^ Well said
  10. In reply to the claim that dynamic web pages take too long to load, I would like to state the heart of my website hosted on TCH is a forum run qith mySQL and only rarely do I experience dramatic slowdowns.
  11. Hey everyone. I would like to say that TCH has had some of the best hosting service, if not the best, I have found so far. I have only been here a little more than a month, but I can say that the hosting, the support, and the members here are superb. So far, the only thing I ever had trouble with pertaining to the hosting was the recent slowdown on server 93, but that was fixed very well apparently, and the support team kept us very, very well informed. Thanks a lot for that especially, so I could give forewarning to all my members about that. The support is also great. Never
  12. Yeah, they make a great first impression dont they (and welcome)
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