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  1. Best wishes to the Total Choice staffs to have a wonderful and festive holiday season! Thank you for you guys always being there to support us. hugsssssss Kate
  2. you guys said were true... now days camera (over 500 mp)are all fine for taking everyday's pictures, ... but if you want present more attractive picture works, you may need to have a little bit more knowledge on photography and digital darkroom. Kate
  3. hi Thomas! thanks a lot .. yes, that's the way I prefer... the longest name in that page... hehe have a nice weekend, Kate
  4. Thanks Don... I made some changes, please check it again... http://www.wowpicture.com/index.htm I have added a link (link to WowPicture.com) on the bottom of the 'Updates' panel, which will bring the visitors to the links page. and I also linked your site from our photo blog http://www.wowpicture.com/blogs/index.php?...D&submit=Search please let me know if I need to do more changes, thanks Kate
  5. oh my God!... you did it! oh my God... thank you guys sooooo much!, we would never expect you would do this for us! nothing more to say... we are so lucky to find your company to host our site! thanks again and again! Kate
  6. Thanks Don & Thomas... please check the link here... do I make it right? do I need to link this page to my index page or any other pages? http://www.wowpicture.com/links_sites.htm Kate
  7. hi Andy... thanks for your quickly reply... yes... I know it's not a easy work to satisfied the customers and make enough profits at the same time, and you have already done a very good job and keep your cusotmers happy. I am just worried that I am going to become one of your biggest cusomers by the end of this year if the usage rate keeps growing like this .. Kate
  8. I have upgraded my plan in last month, and now it's over 81% again, and there is still 7 days to go... I even don't dare to browse mysite any more! wish... I could have more bandwidth (not the disk space, it's fine, I can even invite the whole FL ppls swim in it). Kate except that... everything is great... the support staffs are great too...
  9. ok Don... I will let you know by this weekend. Kate
  10. by the way... where should I place the link of your site? on the main page (index.htm) or create a page and place your link there?
  11. 1. http://www.wowpicture.com/index.htm 2. WowPicture.com - Make Your Life Unforgettable! Professional Photo; Photo Blog Designer. 3. We fix and hand tint old faded pictures photos,change picture photos color,change pictures photos size,change picture background,make your picture perfect,redesign your picture, give a plain picture an artistic and professional look! 4. Commercial 5. Text link in footer Thanks a lot Kate
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