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  1. Wait a minute.... The e-mail that I got did not have any account number. They only found out my e-mail address(that's why I got the message). They were asking me to enter my account username and password, which I did not (of course). So, are there different e-mails floating around? Thanks,
  2. Thank you for sending the notice so quickly! I was going to contact you guys directly anyway to make sure what was going on. Those scam artists are getting better every day. Keep up the good work, and thank you again!!!
  3. I also was trying to do a partial backup of my sql database (should be about 45MBytes). It surprised me when the download finished so quickly! But when I examined the compressed file, it was only 334 bytes, and looked like an index table only. What should I do? I only need an SQL database backup. Please help. Thanks,
  4. To All: I am having a nasty problem with IE7 stalling when opening new webpages. It just sites there, waiting for world peace, sometimes it even freezes to death. Have tried everything, including the procedure in Microsoft help site, with no success. Got a new Dell machine, and guess what: same problem! This pointed to my wireless setup, but bypassed the router, and same thing. Have same McAfee setup on both machines, old and new. Could that be? Tried disabling McAfee, same thing. Downloaded FireFox, and it behaves better, but sometimes it just won't load some websites, saying the website does not support encription? Old machine has XP Pro SP2, new machine has Vista Home Premium SP1. Just need a light at the end of the tunnel, I can do the grunt work. I have a DSL service, medium speed. Please help if you have heard of something similar. Thanks, R Lopez
  5. Thank you to all for the responses! I have additional questions: I don't need a newer version of the Invision Power Board. I only need to know if that program is available when I register with TCH, and how to build my message board once I have registered. I am also OK with the phpBB. I may get some domain name already registered by a friend, so that I can transfer it to the domain I want to use. Can I start my web page (by registering with TCH) without this domain name, or do I need a domain name first before I can start my hosting plan? If I need a domain name before I can start my website, can I start with a different domain name, and later on change it to a different one assuming that new one is not owned by somebody else, or assuming my friend does relinquish the name I want? What charges would apply in this case? If I wanted my domain name to be "somewhat easily" found by an unknown individual doing a search through AOL, Google, or Yahoo search engines, is there anything special I can do to make my domain name "available", that is, locatable by any of the commercial search engines out there? Would this cost extra? Please forgive me if I am asking trivial questions, but I am very ignorant about this things. Last question for today: If I sign up for a plan, and the number of visitors is such that I exceed the contracted badwidth, what happens? Am I bumped to the higher badwidth plan, or are additional visitors rejected with some sort of "unavailable host" message? Thank you.
  6. I am thinking of starting a web hosting plan with TCH. My main interest is setting up a message board. The information on the different options mentions Invision Power Board Is this option extra (meaning extra charge)? If so, how much? Or is it included in the plan charges? Where can I get more information about this Invision Power Board? I can not find how to access all of their user manual without buying the package. Will I have to buy the package by myself, or through TCH? Thank you.
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