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  1. I have a client who wants to make minor updates (swap out pictures, change text) to their site themselves. Problem is, I'm not confident they have the skills to even navigate to the html editor in cpanel. Any suggestions on what is the absolute easiest way for a non-technical person to make small changes to their site?
  2. Any news as to when this feature might be working again? brad
  3. Does anyone have any updated info as to when the HTML Editor feature will be available again. Any suggestions for (in the meantime) how my completely non-technical client can make small changes to their site themselves? brad
  4. thanks, mark. would you foresee any difficulties in integrating a php script like that into a frontpage created website hosted by TCH? there seems to be some uncertainties regarding compatability between php and frontpage. brad
  5. hello. i use TCH for all my clients and a new one has a request that i'm kinda drawing a blank on. i've seen this done on sites all over the net but i'm not sure how it would work with frontpage. basically, they want to have a 'subscribe to our newsletter' form on the page which would collect users email addresses. ok, no problem there as frontpage will shoot each entered email address from the form to a .csv or .txt file. where i get confused, is how that translates to a mailing list the client can use to send out their periodic newsletter. they want everything to be as automated as possible so they don't have to mess with the .csv file themselves. is a third party 'email blaster' the only way to go here? thanks, brad
  6. would it be feasible to run the FTP through a browser interface or would each user need to have an FTP client to perform the upload? this site: http://www.protypegraphics.com/ezupload/ is just about exactly what i'd like to be able to do.
  7. i have a (potential) new client who runs a print shop. in talking to him his website, one feature he'd like is for his clients to able to send their print jobs in electronically. obviously, in many instances these will be large files (maybe 10-20 MB). i'm looking for suggestions as how to best accomplish this. is setting up a specific email account with a jacked up quota the best option or will that quickly eat up bandwidth? i'd love some opinions! thanks.
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