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  1. Although i'm sure it was just a link to see the monitor (it does look very nice). Newegg doesn't ship internationally. if they did i'd have been a customer quite a few times right now as i love their prices and their selection.. C'est la vie. "# Does Newegg.com ship internationally? Newegg.com does not currently ship internationally; we only deliver to locations within the United States and to Puerto Rico."
  2. lol maybe i should rethink this through
  3. I'm just wondering if anyone has taken a peak at Avant the IE clone, i do quite enjoy firefox, and will still use it but it seems there are a few sites, and as well as issues that i find firefox hasn't jumped past yet.. so instead of going back to IE, i went to take a peak at Avant. it looks nice, and has alot of neat options. just wondering if anyone else has taken a peak at this browser?
  4. Thomas, it's a support / interacting website, which has chat, forums, quizzes, shoutbox, shopping etc etc etc and all that running with dragonflycms... David, i'm not sure, most likely actually since i have a CMS system and for each page you click, the rest of the system is static. i'm on cable so i can't see it too much. but i think the reason that is so high is because of the sigmachat im using. hrmm but that is load time. i don't see very many pictures at all.. except for the couple of banners, and perhaps the news and topic icons. oh. and a yahoo store hehe that might be why.. the reason i don't post the url, is im not sure if it is okay for this forum. so i will refrain from doing so. thanks anyways for putting that in perspective. i just thought it meant how many clicks someone did during a visit..
  5. Hi everyone i'm trying to gauge how well my site has done in it's first full month of being live. so just wondered if these stats are "normal" or is this a little slow for a fairly small website and what perhaps could i do to increase traffic? i'm listed on alexa finally and got a number (basically 5,000,000) which not sure what that means.. anyways.. here is the just of it.. any advice / comments would be great thanks! Unique Visitors 5897 Number of Visits 8213 Pages 32620 (3.97 pages/visit) Hits 544085 (66.24 hits/visit)
  6. well i'd have to say is that i think of a CMS as a shell, or a skeleton. my website looks nothing like dragonflycms's website.. you can customize it to your needs.. i don't know enough about php to create something of my own, so i need to use a cms to get the basics, then tweak and tweak and tweak until i'm happy with the outcome. as for finding the right cms to allow you to get to where you want to get too at the end, i'm not sure.. decisions is right good luck though!
  7. I'd have to say my favourite, and using it at the moment is dragonflycms. it has alot of potential, very customizable, and i just enjoy the feel. it was phpnuke, but rebuilt from the ground up to be very secure, and more flexible..
  8. I think this is what you are looking for? they are in html, just click on the page icon, and download it to your computer. and then your good to go From a glance, it seems it can look pretty complicated, but from the looks of it, it's just Unpacking to the correct location then setup your mySQL database here then, setting up the application itself here and here is the full list of documents.. WebCalender Documents
  9. thanks everyone. i found this thread very useful =)
  10. I remember having the same ip address for 5 years. i could tell someone it by heart. but i'm glad my ISP provider decided to go dynamic. and i try to change it once in a while just to keep things fresh
  11. hrmm.. the way i know how to do it is to open up a command prompt, and type the command "ipconfig /all" just to check your current settings... then to change, "ipconfig / release" to release your current IP address, then type "ipconfig /renew" to renew your IP address.. i hope that helps.
  12. Thanks to you both Don, and Pendragon, it was after all that working on it a capitalization error of my folder *silly me* lol. so it's fixed now.. and i wish i could find a script that uses php instead but that costs $199 more from what i've researched.. no other scripts that can do what i'm after. unless i want to pay an arm and a leg.. anyways thanks! it works.
  13. I just found this great tool that allows people to create an email account for 24 hours if you want to check out a website which you think is questionable and don't know if they will use your information or not.. obviously you will want to use your real information if you want to continue to get feedback from that website. and for places deemed trustworthy. but i see it being a useful tool. here it is pookmail
  14. i'm not sure if this will help or not, but the php file may have errors in it, also perhaps sp2's firewall might have an issue with php files ( i couldn't imagine why) but if you are running XP, go to Start/Programs/System tools/Security Center , then click on windows firewall and turn it off. try the php file again and if it doesn't work then we know that isn't it.. the next thing you might want to try to do is maybe try another browser like firefox (just for testing purposes, if you like it great. if not it's easily gotten rid of) and it if worked then you narrowed it down to IE, if it didn't, obviously there is something wrong with your system settings.. as for what i couldn't tell you. as i just tried opening a .php file with firefox and IE with no issues.. hope this helps.. and i'm sure someone else will know what to do if this doesn't help out.. oh one last thing, check the file attributes.. i don't think that would be an issue. but maybe it is.. Patricia
  15. Hi Woody, these have come in handy a few times. especially ipconfig, regedit, and tracert. here's a couple links for some and probably all of the commands.. run #1 run #2
  16. Thanks Bruce! i found what i was looking for.
  17. When i try to install a script (quiz script) via cgi-bin, i get this error. i found out that it isn't (i think) my script but something to do with apache, which can be found here.. premature-script-headers i'm not sure what all that means really. but if anyone could help me out it'd be great. thank you
  18. I'd like to echo DJ's comments, this was almost too good to be true. but it ended up being for real. which i am very thankful for. and that's why i paid for a year.. the helpful forums here, and the outstanding support is next to none. I'm now glad that i don't have to worry about "where am i going to get hosting" anymore. i've found my home. Patricia
  19. Hi all, i'm looking for a quiz script that can do various types of quizzes, including something that i can give a "score" for instance at the end of the quiz showing the user how they did. ie: 100 questions, each question has 5 choices, first choice is worth 10 points, and the last choice is -10 points, the other three are 5,0,-5 respectively at which at the end they get their score. that and also simple quizzes just for fun. with multiple choice, text additions, and what not.. preferabaly it also has sql compatibility so i can perhaps calculate the average, and show that someone has taken the test already.. i'm sure this is a tall order. but does anyone know where to start? thanks! Patricia
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