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  1. How do I get this back? I have lost my login info, for both Cpanel and Email. I reformatted and forgot to take down the information. Please advise...
  2. I don't have my own, so I assume I would share... What's next?
  3. I was just wondering how I go about making my oscommerce secure (https). I am trying to find a tutorial, but have not seen one. Can anyone step by step it for me?
  4. That is exactly what happened to me when I first joined TCH. I had a list of about 10 or 12 and now down to 6 options. If the reason is because they are 'testing' then I am cool with that, but it sure felt as though it was a way to entice and then take it away... I like my treats, but to have them taken away... that just is not nice Anyways, I will await their return.
  5. How do I go about submitting a help desk ticket? By the time you reply, I will probably have found it, but please reply just in case.
  6. Now I am becoming very upset. I just moved a major client over here and when I signed up for their account the only two script library installs were a guestbook and a phpbb board. On my other account there are an oscommerce an invision board a post nuke php nuke etc... What is going on. I am going to be patient because you guys seem to run a tight ship here, but the major client that I just moved over here may not be patient with me...
  7. I recently registered a setup some hosting with TCH and I have noticed a few things in my first few days. 1. There were some scripts removed my CPanel. I am not sure what they were, but one was Wiki and others have followed. 2. I also noticed that whenever I create a guestblog, oscommerce, invision etc... the new domain name shown is always http:// ****/board instead of showing http:// www .****/board. Is this going to cause any issues with files etc?
  8. There was one on here, but it now no longer a functioning download. Anyone have the mod or a better one? Should I use phpbb instead?
  9. There are php based solutions for this that do not edit the code etc... You just have to look around. One problem though is how robust (and wonderful) FireFox is... PS: Thanks for the welcome guys... I have not yet been 'activated' but the charge has been made. I may have mistakenly deleted the confirmation email with my junk email (filters), but I will have to wait and see...
  10. Google AdSense is a great program. Not as good as CJ is you are a reseller, but with AdSense and traffic to your site, you can pretty much cover the cost of your hosting (at least that is what I do). With TCH hosting plans which I have just signed up for, it should be about 4 days until my hosting for the year is covered because of AdSense. With that said, it isn't for everyone. I have been using it for over a year and it took some time. You sign up with your main site and once approved, you can use the code on other pages that you webmaster. I know of quite a few people that have been able to quit their jobs to focus on their web design careers because of AdSense. 2 I know make on average 7K US a month. Now, that is with the a lot of traffic and high paying keywords. High paying keywords do not necessarily last either as it is the AdWords subscribers who set the 'going rates'. In a perfect world, your AdSense income should double what you pay in AdWords for traffic... Just my two cents.
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