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  1. I'm positive Coppermine was since I installed it through CPanel just a few days ago, but then deleted the stuff. I never used anything else, it was all right there in Cpanel for me and ready to install as scripts. I thought I remembered a blog script called GeekBlog there too, and a few other scripts. Maybe I was just special for a few days or something! Maybe my account had some kind of fluke or something, I have no idea!!
  2. Is it just me or are there some scripts missing that were available to install a few days ago? Maybe I just screwed up something on my account... who knows... Like geekblog and coppermine and a few others I don't remember. Anybody?
  3. Wow thanks for the fast reply... I think that's about all that's left that I needed to know! Time to sign up!
  4. Just wondering, I think this is called hotlinking... if I have images hosted, can I have them show up from another site, such as forums, etc, without having to send people directly to my site/hosting? Or are there special ways so that only certain sites may be allowed to hotlink? Just curious as to the way that works or if you guys have any blocks on that or something. Oh and one more thing, just to be sure... you guys do host all types of media files right? Especially mp3's, and yes they are legal, it's my music that I've made.
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