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  1. Well I'm sorry Michael, I just looked further into what you are doing, and now understand you are doing just free/busy time, not your whole calendar. But this gives me something new to look into, I didn't know existed Good Day, Tom
  2. Hi Michael, Yes, it will work what you want to do (I have done this before), but not in one step. When you go to Outlook 2003, Calendar, File, Save as Web Page, in the 'Calendar Title' box, put what you want to show up on the page headers, such as "Joes Big Company". Then, in the file name box, save it somewhere on your computer, such as 'My Docs/joes_big_company _calendar'. It will then create a bunch of HTML files, and navigation buttons and a css sheet. Of course in the dialoge box, enter the date range(s) you want to include in the calendar. Next, you need to FTP this folder with all the calendar data, to your TCH server. Just drag the whole 'joes_big_company _calendar' folder to your 'public_html' folder. Then, to access it via the internet, go to www.mydomain.comm/joes_big_company_calendar. So you will have to go through this same process, when ever you update the Outlook 2003 calendar on your computer. It's not a perfect solution, but it's free and pretty simple. I wish they had the same feature for Outlook contacts. HTH, Tom
  3. Hi Lorraine, Under the site properties for the domain, then for 'Host Address', do you have an IP address, or domain name? If it is IP address, put in the domain name instead (such as abc.com). When I hosted this domain for you, it had a 8 character password, but yes, your password here at TCH is 9 characters. If CuteFTP was accessing it via IP address, you were then viewing it from my server, (as I have not removed it from it yet) . Lorraine and I have been buddies for years, that's why I know all this of her
  4. Oldiesmann at the SMF forums solved it Thanks Bruce and Jim for your assistance here http://www.simplemachines.org/community/in...p?topic=91402.0 But why I wonder....This forum here is at www.webpagefun.com, and on server 122. Another SMF I admin www.lowcountrymudrats.com/forum on server 110, works just fine with "enable basic HTML" enabled. Also when I install this webpagefun forum on my home server, it works just fine with it enabled. The only difference I see, is the home server is Apache on Windows, as opposed to Apache on a Unix server at TCH. Gotta be a system admin somewhere who could explain why
  5. Thanks Jim, I shall install another SMF, make a couple posts to it then see how they load. No, there are not many (if any) email notices going out. The forum is almost dead , only three of us who occasionally use it. It's the exact, 30 seconds plus a few milliseconds, that confounds me, that it takes to load a topic. (it was the same thing without having the 'page load time activated', I just did that to be able to document waht the load times were). The size of the database is 2.7mb, so I cannot see that as a problem. The import into phpBB then back sounds interesting...... I'll report back when I get the new SMF installed. Tom
  6. Thank you Bruce and Jim for your suggestions, both are entirely plausible, but unfortanately, seemingly not the problem. I shall keep searching Tom
  7. Well, starting from the beginning.....I had a Invision (IPB) forum version 1.3. Knowing I was 'giving' this forum http://www.webpagefun.com to another person (Lorraine, or LF from MC, here at TCH), and it would be moving to a different server, I converted it from the outdated IPB 1.3, to the lastest SMF version, 1.07. This is the third one of these I have done, no problems before. Since the conversion, when you click a 'forum', no problem. When you click a topic within a forum, it takes forever for it to load, in fact, it takes 30 seconds, plus a few milliseconds, such as . Click a different topic, same thing, 30+ milliseconds. This was evident on the 'old' server, since I converted it, and on the new one here at TCH, which was moved here via cpanel restore, so it is not a server problem. We have done every 'optimization' etc from the SMF admin panel. I installed a second copy of SMF in another directory http://www.webpagefun.com/smf, then imported the same database as the first one into it, and the same problem .I then installed the same version 1.07 of SMF on my home server, imported the database into it, and it works just fine, any page creation in milliseconds. I can see something wrong with a database, causing slow load times, but exactly 30+ seconds, everytime?? So far rummaging through the SMF forums has been useless, but I have not yet posted there with the situation. Before I do, does anybody here have a clue Thanks, Tom
  8. Here is my expierance in the same situation. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...06entry164806 Good Luck, Tom
  9. I found this script a couple months ago at Hotscripts, as Bruce suggests. I think it is what you are looking for. It allows someone with little HTML (or no) knowledge to log into a page and edit its content. If they know HTML, they can use tags, if not, they can just add text to say what they want. http://www.biglickmedia.com/products/News_Content_Publisher/ HTH, Tom
  10. WinRar, which is available here, does the job http://www.rarlab.com/index.htm. I've used it for years. HTH, Tom
  11. Thanks Bruce, I just got it going Now I can go to work! This was it: It was a MySQL database issue, the 'old' server version of MySQL was MySQL 4.1.14-standard The 'new' server MySQL version was MySQL 4.0.25-standard, an older version. Had to remove references to 'DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1' and 'COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci' in the MySQL dump, then upload the dump again. All works now I actually ended up at WordPress forum, to find this solution http://wordpress.org/support/topic/61160.
  12. Greetings, I sent my brother here to TCH. TCH techs moved the whole account from the previous webhost. All well so far, so it looks at first http://www.lowcountrymudrats.com. Yet no one can make a post to the SMF forum. The message when posting is: So I downloaded the database dump from the previous host, and using phpadmin, went to upload and inflate the dump file, and ened up with this: The MySQL version at the previous host was MySQL 4.1.14-standard Here at TCH server 110 it is MySQL 4.0.25-standard I believe this is the problem. Can anyone shed any light on this, and if this is the problem, can/how it be rectified? I have been through the SMF to no avail...... Thanks for any thoughts, Tom
  13. Hi Joe, yes, as Steve states, when you setup your account in Outlook or Outlook Express, set it up as an IMAP account, instead of a POP3. I don't know if other email programs have this, though I imagine they would I tried this in Outlook and OE, and it works, but I didn't like it, though I don't remember why
  14. Hi Joe, Go into the account setup (Outlook, Outlook Express or whatever), and under the advanced tab, select 'leave a copy on server', then select a time frame, I use '5 days'. I do this for the same reason you desire, I receive my POP3 email in 4 different places or so. HTH, Tom
  15. I did the same thing last summer, only it was an hours worth of a voice recording I did to SD flash memory stick. As soon as I deleted it, well you know the feeling I found this http://www.stompsoft.com/recoverlostdata.html, it worked perefect. I was amazed, something that did what it claimed to . I used it once again, although it fails me now as to what the reason was, but I remember it worked. All as long as you have not written to the media after the deletion. Good Luck, Tom
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