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  1. Awesome. Well, I learned a lot today. Thanks for all of your help.
  2. So every time you open outlook you need to redownload all the messages? Wouldn't that take forever? So in IMAP they are not stored locally on your computer anywhere? So you can't even read old email in outlook if you're not online? Thanks for that gmail tip, btw! I am going to test it out.
  3. Wow, that makes total sense. I don't know why my brain didn't compute that right off the bat. I think it's because I have always thought of making my trying to access my pop in other locations... but yeah, since this is an entirely different address it's being forwarded to, it wouldn't matter! Anyway, thanks for the reassurance! I think this should work for what I need it to do... Only potential problem I can think of is people reading my "from" email address, seeing it's a gmail, and start using that one with NEW msgs, rather than replying to it (where they would get the "reply to" address, which is my domain)... Good idea regarding the portable flash drive... sounds very effecient... Something I've wondered about IMAP was... do you ever run out of space? If all the messages are on the server... doesn that fill up over the years? And also, when you say, if you delete messges in one location, it deletes them all... so, if something happened where all my email got wiped out, would that delete all the messages that are already in my outlook? Thanks!
  4. Also, I wanted to add, the reason I am making this post to begin with is that I remember reading somewhere that you need to check "leave msg on server for x days"... And as I said, I have NOT done that, yet, when I send test msgs to myself and check it in Outlook, delete it, then go to my gmail, the email shows up in my gmail too even though I never checked "leave msg on server" I don't know if this is because it's SUPPOSED to work that way, or if it's because I am checking my gmail only a few minutes after deleting it from Outlook and it "just so happened" to still be on the server?
  5. Well, I am more so just looking for reassurance, as the few tests I've done with this set up have proven to work how I want it to... Basically, I want to just be able to have access to my POP email when I am away from my desktop that has Outlook... What I have done is in Cpanel, I have set up a forwarder to a gmail address, and have set my "reply to" address in my gmail account to my domain email address. So, I want every msg sent to me@**** to go to both my Outlook and my gmail account. There may be times that for weeks I am away and only use gmail, or weeks where I am home and never use it. But when I do get home, I want to be able to open Outlook and have all the messages that were sent since I was last home to be downloaded in my Outlook account, despite the possibility I may have already read/deleted these messages in my gmail account. And conversely, next time I am in gmail, to have all the messages there even if I read/deleted them in Outlook. It seems to be working like this for now, and I have not used IMAP nor have I had to check "leave msg on server for x days"... I know that I won't be able to carry over the SENT items, and I can live with that... I just wanted to make sure that this is the way you're supposed to go about doing what I am doing? Thanks for your comments in advance.
  6. I didn't even realize TCH had IMAP capabilities. How exactly does one change over from POP3 to IMAP? I've never used IMAP in my life... is there any precations or one should take using it... or common problems with IMAP?
  7. Hey, thanks for the replies. For some reason I thought that only worked for IMAP. So the only way to synchronize "sent items" would be to BCC myself? When I check it from my other machine would I just take the items I BCC'ed myself and move them over to the sent items folder? Thanks again!
  8. Hmmm. How do I articulate this? This is what I want to do with my POP3 email address I have on a TCH domain... lets say I check my email from a laptop or a sidekick... and when I get home I need the emails I received on my laptop or sidekick to also be on my desktop. However, I am pretty sure that if I check it one place first, they won't be available at the other place since they're deleted off the server??? So if I am on a laptop and get 5 new emails, read them or even delete them on my laptop, I need those same 5 emails to still be received as new emails on my desktop when I get home... and vice versa if I check it on my desktop first... I also need to be able to send from the same email in both places as well. I would like to accomplish this all from one single email address and not set up "reply to"s or anything like that. I am sure there's a way to do this with a forwarder or maybe there's something simpler? Thanks...
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